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  1. Well that is encouraging to know that at least SOME of the games this year have a had a good or great atmosphere. I'm sure a winning team that is offensively competent will change things around, but how many years off are we from that being the case? How much longer can this status quo for Marlins last before relocation becomes a real possibility?
  2. Hey I appreciate all the responses. I see that a lot of you have had similar experiences at the ballpark. I'm just as tired of the attendance narrative that infects everything Marlins. This was never meant to come as another complaint in a long line of them. I was genuinely dejected leaving the stadium. I agree with all the factors (Monday game vs cardinals with no runs), but the place was LIFELESS. I agree in general with Jeter's plan to rebuild the farm system....I'm just not sure how much longer baseball in Miami can go on like this.
  3. I've been to a lot of Marlins game....that was by far the worst ballpark atmosphere I've seen. This isn't a post meant to just "crap on the Marlins"...I was genuinely let down after attending the game lol
  4. So I attended the Marlins-Cardinals game this past Monday night. Ive been to dozens of Marlins games over the years (at the old stadium and new) and have to say this was the least immersed in the game as I have ever been. I'm used to the small crowds, but on Monday night you could literally hear a pin drop in the stadium. Of the people that were there, a VAST majority were rooting for the Cardinals, to the point that I would've felt awkward by just standing up and cheering "Lets Go Marlins". This isn't a shot at the attendance numbers, those have always been atrocious. I'm more taken aback by the absolute lack of baseball environment or "buzz" during the game. It almost felt like there was some other purpose to be sitting there and the game just dragging along in the background. I don't know what the answers are for Jeter & Co. to turn this around, but rooting for the home team at Marlins Park is more embarrassing than ever before.
  5. Tommmyyyyyyy is back lol
  6. No Victor Victor in these rankings...
  7. lol wth is that? Looks like a South Park parody
  8. For sure...10/15 here. I have a pretty good grasp on the Marlins system...but to include random minor league journeymen we just brought in as NRI's? lol
  9. I agree...would love to have Tucker aboard. Just not sure who is going to play 1B, SS, 3B, C. Hopefully I. Diaz can lock down 2B, maybe Anderson for 3B? I wonder if Marlins asked for Forrest Whitley as well.
  10. Anyone wanna compare the Adam Eaton to Nationals trade with this Yelich deal?
  11. We'll have to get lucky in the draft then I suppose. (Please don't draft based on who will sign cheap).
  12. I don't see many intriguing SP prospects on the Nationals farm... someone please inform me otherwise.
  13. I hear you...I'd love to snag Robles...But I really havn't seen an emphasis on acquiring pitching when its obvious this organization had NONE. Alcantara, Guzman, Neidert, Morimoto (SP?) are nice prospects, but unlikely to ever become "Ace" type pitchers.
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