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  1. Stanek was a thrown in. That was a Jesus Sanchez trade and he’s 18 months away.
  2. 1.7% to win the World Series. You gotta start somewhere.
  3. Emotional night in a lot of ways. Jose. Watching this game with my 12 and 14 year old sons who have only known the pain that comes with being a Marlins fan. Tonight there was joy. Finally. But on Jose day it felt just a little bittersweet. That’s what being a Marlins fan is all about.
  4. The most likely way I think we clinch is this: We win one game in NYC. Phillies lose a game in Tampa Bay. No way we win on Sunday. And it’s not because of Ureńa. The Yankees starter for Sunday has a ERA above 7 and those dudes OWN the Marlins this year.
  5. And clinch in front of Stanton (not that I dislike him nor thought he wanted to leave Miami).
  6. 90.7% chance to break the 17 year playoff drought. Would be really something to do it on Jose Day.
  7. Kintzler vs Acuna, Freeman and Ozuna is going to be stomach churning
  8. 940 AM is replaying an old Marlins game being called by Joe Angel. Kevin Brown is pitching.
  9. Run Diff definitely matters. But it matters much less in 2020.
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