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  1. Hill’s contract expired so he’s not getting fired
  2. Ken Rosenthal reporting that the Marlins are launching Michael Hill It was good run.
  3. One final update: We are currently 0.0% to win the World Series at Fangraphs. 😶
  4. MarlinsLou has been located. All is right in Marlinsville.
  5. Does this game qualify for MUST WIN status, boys?
  6. Best poster in the history of Marlins forumville. Hope he comes back.
  7. I have Hotwire Communications (my only option for cable/internet). It’s ridiculously expensive for two TV’s and MLB Network.
  8. Love it. I’d be ok with Aggy playing 1B, too
  9. Yeah I’m sitting here watching like “how are we ever going to score a run”
  10. We might have to score 2 runs to win this game 👀
  11. What a shame that our best hitter is going to miss the entire playoffs because of a Yankee reliever
  12. Dickersons HR in Chicago guaranteed him a spot in the top of the lineup for the rest of the season
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