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  1. Maybe Donnie will smarten up and IBB him next time
  2. Did I just dream that Dickerson threw that ball to a cutoff man?
  3. Conforto won’t have to lean over the plate to get hit by a pitch on Saturday or Sunday.
  4. Shocking that Flaherty settled down after the 1st inning
  5. Incredibly bad baseball playing
  6. While I wholeheartedly agree with the people who are down on the team for them using their “free pass” this year, if Dickersons fly ball is 20 feet to the left or right of where he hit it we win that game.
  7. So to recap: With our ace on the mound and Average Jesus pitching for them...... we only have a 1 run lead because the Cardinals left fielder is a total boob.
  8. It’s adorable that we are scoreboard watching the first week of April. Donnie is gonna cost us 4-5 wins this year just by making dumb lineups. There’s no excuse for Jazz not being in the lineup.
  9. Our bullpen blows so far but Kintzler sucked. He just got very lucky last year.
  10. And now I really don’t like him: he said he doesn’t like the Automated Ball Strike system being tested in A ball.
  11. Whoever is doing the radio for this game (it’s not DVH or GG) is doing a terrible job of calling fly balls. He makes every Marlins fly ball sound like a HR and none of them are.
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