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  1. 1 hour ago, SongInTheAir said:

    My lineup for tomorrow, if I were in charge:


    1. Berti 2B

    2. Rojas SS

    3. Cooper 1B

    4. Anderson 3B

    5. Aguilar DH

    6. Dickerson LF

    7. Brinson RF

    8. Sierra CF

    9. Wallach C

    Love it. 

    I’d be ok with Aggy playing 1B, too

  2. Make no mistake, though, the Marlins let an enormous opportunity to win Game 1 against a really good Braves team slip away. And it all started with the HBP (I don’t think it was intentional). 

     It did not help that the Braves swing at everything and were luck boxes yesterday. 

    It also did not help that they took Fried out.  We were all over that guy.

    4-1 lead and immediately give back 2 runs in the bottom of the inning.  

    If they can somehow get this to Game 5, we have a shot.  

  3. When you get hit by a pitch, start taking your 47 arm and leg protectors off, put your bat down and walk to 1B. 

    Don’t stand there with the fokken bat in your band staring into the Marlins dugout, bitch. 

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