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  1. I'm at the game. Lotta jerk off Mets fans here. Chicharrones stand is closed. Wtf on Labor Day for real?
  2. Stanton needed to push a run across the plate. I'm going to.tmrws game too
  3. Is this where Eovaldi let's the game get out of hand with 2 outs?
  4. We haven't won a game since I came back to marlinsbeisbol.com *3 losses GOT HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMMMA GOT
  5. The consolation prize is......(drum roll).... Braves will die a horrible death in the playoffs (or fall painfully short of a playoff spot). The Marlins (and Stanton) didn't give up. They lost their ace months ago, fought hard, overcame a shitty manager and All World Douche Bag owner and kept us in the Wild Card hunt until the last days of August.
  6. Stanton: real team player. I realize that I'm like the 58th person to say this but, man, you are the worst. You're the worst kind of troll because you never even say anything funny. You're the one hit wonder troll who goes back to the.same.tired.thing.every.day.and.it.just.drags.on.painfully.
  7. Definitely gone this off season. I think you mean next off season.
  8. So is that it for a chance at a wildcard? If we lose today that's 61/2 back? Yeah, we're done now. A road victory with Koehler pitching would have taken some of the sting out of the last 2 series. It's over. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET BURNED BY A LEAD OFF BUNT SINGLE? The season ended on a LEAD OFF BUNT SINGLE.
  9. One day (140 years from now) the Braves will be a cellar dwelling team we can beat up on.
  10. I hate this fucking team. A bunt hit and then that. Can't wait for Dyson to come in and start grooving meatballs down the middle.
  11. How did we just give up a lead off bunt single? Have we successfully led off an inning with a bunt in the last 18 months? FOKKKKKKKKKKK
  12. And thanks Butler for sending Jones. Stupid as well. I don't think it was stupid. Did it work out? Nope. But it required 2 perfect throws to get Jones (barely). VALDY IM GON SUCK YO DICK FOR THAT ONE!!!!!
  13. "Clutch hitting" that's almost as bad as "the way he plays the game"
  14. How did this devolve into a "Cabrera vs Stanton" through 4 years debate? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Because Stanton has only played 4 seasons (give or take)?
  15. I was going to jump out of the car with my.measuring tape but I didn't want to startle the child.
  16. Speaking of former Marlins, Juan Pierre just walked by my truck in Parkland. He was carrying his child. He stepped into a black Escalade.
  17. If Giancarlo gets 28 million, I would venture to say salaries have absolutely jumped the shark. No player should be getting 28 million. That's Cabrera territory. Stanton is not Cabrera. Through his first 5 seasons, yes he is.
  18. Our 9th inning rally will be fun. Except when the rally comes up 1 run short.
  19. I'm starting to get the feeling that we're not going to win the World Series.
  20. I wonder if the sports book remembered Alvarez was pitching tonight. The sports book remembered.
  21. "Erick" posts here too? Oh wow.
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