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  1. HECH IN TEH FACES! Must be a big time delay because I saw your post about 30 seconds before I heard the HR on MLB At Bat. Thats so Hech to hit the HR on a radio only game. IT HAPPENED! RICH AND TOMMY WERE RIGHT! GOLD GLOVE + SILVER SLUGGER!
  2. Is jackhole a compliment around here?
  3. Bender, never heard of ya. Did you ever post under a different name? Squall, nice to mee you.
  4. So Hotcorner and pierremvp still post here, huh. I remember when Hotcorner was expecting his first child.
  5. I'm listening to the game on MLB At Bat. I'm listening to the Angels broadcast not because I don't like Dave Van Horne but because it's nice to see how the other side calls it sometimes. That was a HUGE K on Hendrick.
  6. Fok, I just realized this game isn't on FS Florida.
  7. Maybe cause it's the Angels and they're one of the best teams in baseball? Not really a "sign," just more, logical. No, that's not how the sports betting market works. Obviously, the Angels are the favorite to win (better team/at home) but they're becoming a bigger favorite as it draws closer to the first pitch.
  8. Sports betting market really moving against the Marlins tonight. Not the end all be all but not a good sign.
  9. We didn't know how good we had it when we had Joe Angel or Dave O`Brien or Len Casper. These two need to shut the fuck up about tools. The horse is dead.
  10. Rich and T Hut STILL talking about tools.
  11. "The Factor" by Torbreck Total Wine sells it for about $100 "The Struie" goes for about $50 Same vineyard You're welcome
  12. She's looking good tonight, usually I'm not a fan Exactly my thoughts
  13. Dyson is the master of the grooved meatball right down the middle
  14. Win tomorrow night and it's a successful series. -Captain Obvi The Obvi Space Shuttle
  15. The 3rd run hurts. Eovaldi,please die.
  16. That was a play that any MLB shortstop should make. I like the kid but let's not go cray cray bout that play.
  17. Are you a guy from 05 that didn't like Rich at first and then disappeared forever? I disappeared for about 6 years. Not nearly as long as forever.
  18. Welcome back to the site I fixed it for you, Admin.
  19. Listening to Waltz talk a lot about "tools" is fitting, isn't it?
  20. Josh Hamilton looks like he has leukemia.
  21. Don't BURY us in the 1st inning, Nathan.
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