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  1. And here I was thinking after last nights game that firing Pags was GENIUS Then the Marlins went and got 2 hits today.
  2. 5 games out of the WILD CARD in the win column, boysssssss
  3. Hanley Ramirez: long forgotten.
  4. Wait, are you saying it’s dumb for the Marlins to try and reduce the amount of plastic they use in their ballpark?
  5. I’m sure the Marlins will quickly transform into an NL East offensive menace.
  6. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh how will I drink my soda? Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh The paper straws aren’t as convenient but it’s not the end of the world. Take the lid off and drink your beverage like a man.
  7. Nice win for the good guys. So Marlins that they fire a good hitting coach right after a rare win.
  8. Lame. It’s not Pags’ fault the team is in year 2 of a rebuild and Brinson swings at every breaking ball.
  9. Wait wait wait...... i think i just found a typo on the official Marlins site.... Under Marlins Leaders it shows Neil Walker having the HIGHEST Batting Average on the team. .222 That can’t be right, right?
  10. So his HR’s allowed WILL change but he WON’T start giving up less hits and walk less people? gotcha
  11. The Brewers have $6 tickets available on Monday nights. They call it Miller Monday’s. The Brewers. Who have won quite a few games this year and have a much better fan base than the Marlins.
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