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  1. PERFECT start to the game
  2. Gotta end the (what feels like) 30 year playoff drought. Nothing will change until that happens. I’ll be at the ballpark tomorrow. Took advantage of the $9 tickets and $10 parking but I would have gone anyway. I live 200 feet from Palm Beach County and this will me my 5th game of the year. I have a buddy who complains constantly about Marlins attendance. I don’t think he’s been to a ******* game all year.
  3. You kinda get the sense that this will turn things around for the team.
  4. Trevor Richards will hopefully be battling it out to be our 5th starter or in the bullpen. The Marlins should be looking to sign a Robbie Ray/James Paxton type for 2021 to be our #2 starter.
  5. A friend of mine said the team won’t be in South Florida in 7 years. Implying that they won’t survive pulling in 6K people a night. I told him the team would be much better in 2021 but it didn’t matter anyway because the ballpark agreement doesn’t allow relocation in 7 years.
  6. No but seriously, offensively, it has been a AAA team this year. #ButTheyScoredElevenRunsThatOneInning
  7. Thanks, fellas! That last sentence, though, “two 5 year renewal period”. What does that mean exactly?
  8. Trying to settle a debate with some friends..... Does anyone have a link to the part of the Marlins Park lease agreement that says the team CAN’T be relocated before a certain date? I believe it’s 30 years or close to that. I spent a while on Google but I didn’t find anything definitive. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.
  9. I agree with this 100% BUT, we have that whole 90% humidity problem.
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