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  1. DTrain

    Home Run Sculpture is going bye bye

    Didn’t mind the HR sculpture at all (but I definitely get why they want to make that area a SRO section with cool bars etc) but I strongly believe that moving the sculpture outside is not going to work out well. The sculpture is MASSIVE. I think people forget how big it is -insert MB.com cock joke here-. I really like the semi- buried letters that are already outside of the stadium. The sculpture could very likely be an out of place eye sore.
  2. DTrain

    New Logo Coming

    That can’t be the real new logo. It looks like it was made by a 6th grader.
  3. DTrain

    New Logo Coming

    Please God someone tell me that we’re not going to have any fucking PURPLE in new Marlins logo.
  4. DTrain

    New Logo Coming

    Yes absolutely. That leak can’t be real. It’s 10 times worse than the current Marlins logo.
  5. DTrain

    Home Run Sculpture is going bye bye

    Exaggerate much?
  6. DTrain

    Home Run Sculpture is going bye bye

    I definitely didn’t hate the sculpture. I thought it was great for HR celebrations. However, I can understand their desire to turn that area into a potentially (I stress, potentially) great standing room only area for fans.
  7. DTrain

    New Logo Coming

    At least they’re not bringing back teal. Let’s see what they come up with. It could be the most exciting part of 2019.
  8. The Orioles play in a much more difficult division than the Marlins. Did the Orioles trade a MVP last offseason?
  9. Mookie Betts had a higher WAR than the Marlins this year.
  10. DTrain

    MLB 2018 Official Playoffs Thread

    Not many things in this world are as sad as watching Marlins Man check his phone after every pitch from the first row of Game 1 of the NLCS.
  11. DTrain

    Will the Marlins be worse in 2019?

    They might not be worse. Or they could trade Realmuto and they could be worse.
  12. It’s settled. Fan Graphs will be our next manager.
  13. DTrain

    4 coaches including Perry Hill gone

    Why not get rid of Perry Hill? We couldn’t win with him. What makes anyone think we can’t win without him?
  14. DTrain

    Craig Mish defends the Yelich trade

    A legit 81 win team can easily over perform/under perform by 10-12% any given year. So if you start the season as a legit 81 win team, 90 wins is not some miracle that can never happen. However, if you start the season as a legit 64 win team, you essentially have 0% chance of winning 90 games.
  15. DTrain

    Worst in the NL

    So Mag Sierra with a little pop in his bat? Is that what you’re saying?

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