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  1. DTrain


    My cock: Bochy, Strickland and Melancon can suck it.
  2. DTrain

    6/19 In San Francisco

    That was awesome. I’m glad Mattingly did that.
  3. DTrain

    6/19 In San Francisco

    They beamed Brinson on first pitch
  4. DTrain

    Frisaro doesn't think Marlins will trade Realmuto

    On one hand I want them to sell high on Realmuto But my other hand doesn’t think we’ll get someone’s #1 or #2 for him so I’m like oh fawk naw.
  5. DTrain

    6/16 Battle Of The Bad Part 2

  6. Marlins @ Orioles 1:05 PM Richards v Bundy
  7. DTrain


    2 triples tonight in Baltimore
  8. Marlins @ Orioles 4:05 PM Chen v Cobb
  9. DTrain

    6/15 Battle Of The Bad Part One

    The Oriolol’s are a decent sized favorite (-155) tonight.
  10. DTrain

    Anybody follows every game like me ?

    I follow every game. Sometimes on MLB At Bat, radio, TV. I don’t go to nearly as many games as I used to. Same ticket prices but the product on the field got worse (less entertaining).
  11. Innnnnnnterrrrrrrrrrrrrestinggggggggggg
  12. Marlins @ Baltimore 7:05 PM Ureńa vs Gausman
  13. DTrain

    6-14 Giants @ Marlins

    Bour choked hard. 4 game seeep would have been season highlight
  14. DTrain

    25th Anniversary Weekend is finally here...

    Actually, he’s not. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/orioles-slugger-chris-davis-is-on-pace-for-one-of-the-worst-seasons-in-mlb-history/amp/

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