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  1. DTrain

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    Back in 2007 when I had a connection at Pro Player, I invited L a r r y to sit with me in the Batters Box seats. He accepted. He’s a great guy and was very appreciative.
  2. DTrain

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    I agree with all of this. We have a Top 10 uniform in MLB.
  3. DTrain

    What is everyone wearing for opening day?

    I won’t be wearing any Florida Marlins gear (ever) because A) the new Miami logo is on point and in my opinion, the best Marlins design by far. B) It’s not 1994 anymore
  4. DTrain

    Urena to start Opening Day

    C’mon now.
  5. DTrain

    Marlins have 13th best system

    If I told you 2 years ago that Brian Anderson would have the highest projected WAR on the Marlins including pitchers (2.1), who here would have said HAIL FAWK NAW?
  6. DTrain

    Marlins have 13th best system

    Brinson is projected to put up the 4th highest WAR on the team. 0.9 So SUCK it.
  7. DTrain

    Updated Fangraphs Top 130

    Marlins in the unenviable position of having 1 player in the Top 100 prospects and 0 players in the MLB Top 100 players. The goal, obviously, is that 2021 looks very different.
  8. Sixto comes in at #17 (higher than any Braves prospect fwiw). Sixto is the 3rd highest ranked pitcher in the Top 100. Diaz, Harrison and Alcantara didn’t make the Top 100 but they are in the Top 130. Surprised to see that the Yankees have zero Top 100 prospects. Blue Jays left side of the infield will be so good in 2020. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2019-top-100-prospects/
  9. He has a bit of a tongue twister last name. Always thought that.
  10. For anyone who has already given up on Lewis Brinson and Monte Harrison, Yoan Moncada struck out 217 times last year and made 21 errors.
  11. This is least shocking news of the off season
  12. A) all young pitchers have elbow concerns. It’s the nature of the game now. His ceiling is Pedro Martínez. That is a ridiculously high ceiling. He can have TJS this year or next and still be healthy for 2021. B) Our best Outfield prospect is Victor Victor Mesa. Try again. C) It’s 2019, nobody gives a fok about Batting Average
  13. The Marlins won’t sniff 77 wins this year. They were projected to win 65-66 games before their best player was traded. With that said, to say you’ll be very surprised if the Marlins lose less than 95 games 3 or 4 years from now is just dumb. This team in 2021 will either make the playoffs or be on the cusp of the playoffs. They’re going to get yet another high draft pick this year and make another substantial IFA signing.