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  1. still annoyed that Chen was brought in but that was the most fun game I’ve attended all year. We were going bananas when Diaz hit the HR.
  2. What a slap in the face to the fans who still come out to games to CONTINUALLY bring Chen into games that are close.
  3. I’m at the game. The band in Section 40 are bad mouthing the Marlins.
  4. You can really feel the BUZZ around town about the Marlins. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 25K Marlins fans at the ballpark tomorrow.
  5. We should DEFINITELY give up on Diaz. There has NEVER been a player who has struggled early in his career (other than Willie Mays, Mike Trout and “Sweet Lew”’ Brinson).
  6. Good Sandy is pitching tonight. Castro has been so friggin good lately.
  7. We Bad News Bear Again 11 straight road losses
  8. We lost because of an Isan Diaz error. Did you watch the game?
  9. We almost hit a HR! 6-4 Marleeeeeens
  10. If Brinson doesn’t get absolutely robbed of a HR this series, he has a double and a HR with ++ defense this series. His BABIP is like .260 so he’s due for some luck.
  11. I think Brinson will be as successful as Maybin. Just not with the Marlins.
  12. “Our opponents hit a lot of HR’s and we don’t.” The 2019 Marlins slogan.
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