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  1. DTrain

    8-21-18 Yanks @ Fish - The Return Of Stanton

    Stanton’s double was unbelievable. Wish we had guys like that.
  2. DTrain

    Brian Anderson compared to other NL rookies

    Anderson is a much better right fielder than he is a third baseman.
  3. DTrain

    Brian Anderson compared to other NL rookies

    Brian Anderson has all the makings of a player that would be a valuable part of a championship team. With that said, this is the Marlins so he could be retired/too old/traded by the time the Marlins make the playoffs again.
  4. DTrain

    Brian Anderson compared to other NL rookies

    If Soto and Acuńa only face Ureńa for the rest of the season Big Bri has a shot at ROY. I had to.
  5. DTrain

    First Time Visitor - A Couple Of Questions

    Imagine a batting cage bar being the only option within walking distance from a relatively new Major League Baseball park.
  6. DTrain

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    I’ve seen people on social media calling for Ureńa to be DFA’d lololololololololololol
  7. DTrain

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    We are getting REALLLLL good at this losing stuff.
  8. DTrain

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    Lost in all of this was the Donnie amazing pitching change. Hernandez was CRUISING.
  9. DTrain

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    Did Acuńa run the bases like a clown when he hit the lead off HR’s in the prior games? I followed the games on MLB At Bat radio.
  10. DTrain

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    You said Realmuto didn’t want this. And I asked you if Acuńa wanted it. The answer to both of those questions is no. Ureńa plugged their hottest hitter. Retaliation more often than not comes in the form of the other teams best player getting plunked.
  11. DTrain

    Urena hits Acuna Jr with first pitch

    Ureńa is the worst (and I’m ok with pitchers hitting batters in the proper areas and at the proper time). I hate this team so much right now.
  12. DTrain

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    Did Acuńa want it?
  13. DTrain

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    Ureńa plugs the Braves hottest hitter with a 97 MPH on the first pitch, Acuńa can’t continue in the game and Michael is not sure why Braves fans - in the heat of the moment - want a piece of JT Realmuto.
  14. DTrain

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

  15. DTrain

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    It was a 97.5 MPH fastball

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