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  1. Beinfest really doesn't deserve any of this. Now we know what a team like the Raiders or the Cowboys feel like having a micro-manager(Asshole) for an owner. Source - Beinfest: Rumors affecting family
  2. It worried me when they brought them on (Floyd, Wilson, Conine) and now I'm scared S**tless because they've brought Wilson into the booth... My first thought was that they were prepping them to replace Tommy as color analyst.
  3. I think the left handers against lefties thing is a self fulfilling prophecy, GIVE THEM AT BATS AGAINST LEFTIES! and they might not struggle against them. Granted, Seeing left handed pitching is unreliable meaning you can go weeks without seeing a lefty for whatever reason (missing them in the rotation, injury, etc.)
  4. He hit it clear over the "Moyer" video board and when I say clear I mean a good 30 feet above it.
  5. I hope Stanton shows up at the ballpark eventually.
  6. Wolf called a horrible game and Cishek blows.
  7. I can't remember a 9 inning game ever taking this long... at least it FEELS long.
  8. Same here, my rationale is that I bought them through stub hub. Can't say the same thing about the parking pass. I hate myself. BUT at least I get to go to a game.
  9. I don't think it's a coincidence that I only hear this "our society is crumbling" routine when a Democrat is on the white house. Not that hyperbole is restricted to the GOP... but bible humpers tend to be predisposed to the idea of exaggeration.
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