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  1. The Marlins have a World Series type of lineup once Bour is back. With a healthy Bour in the lineup, i would put the Marlins 1-6 batters against any other team. Speed at the top, the best outfield in MLB at 2,3,4, a young, top-3 in MLB catcher at the 5 spot, and a masher in Bour batting 6th (or swap JT and put Bour 5th). If they can get either an elite 3B or SS this winter we will have the best lineup in the game next year. Then it just comes down to getting two pitchers at the top of the rotation and we are WS contenders.
  2. Francouer going to start over Ichiro or will he be our 4th OF? Wonder what we gave up for him.
  3. Finally some power in the bottom of the lineup...something we've been lacking. Does Scruggs stay even after Bour comes back? I'd rather have Scruggs than CJ.
  4. Have we allowed the most runs in the 7th inning in mlb this year?
  5. Always with some smart ass comment. Just sayin.
  6. This is when having a stingy owner completely screws the team. There is zero depth in this organization and that's why we are forced to send this bullshit up to the mound half the time. Sign our young guys early on and sign the best starting pitchers available. The Dodgers lost Kershaw and the Cards are dealing with injuries, yet stay relevant bc they have depth in their whole system. They may miss on some guys but at least when a starter goes down they have 50 other guys waiting to step up.
  7. He doesn't have it between the ears. Same goes for Hech and Ozuna. That's why we see so many "wtf" plays from all of them.
  8. Here we go again. If the offense doesn't put up runs we have no chance today. We need a big lead going into the late innings as it is...claw and Rodney prob not available tonight.
  9. Please not again. Please not again.
  10. If we packaged all the prospects we ended up trading--Paddack, Naylor, Capps, Castillo(I know we got him back),Cosart, and whoever else I'm missing, what would that have gotten us? Pineda from the Yankees? Sonny Gray? Pomeranz? Hellickson? Moore?
  11. I said this in a different thread, but I think we should see if it's possible to get Braun from the Brewers. Milwaukee would love to shed his contract and imo it's a risk we should take. His OPS is around .950 and can play the corner outfield spots and even a little third/first if needed. Would require taking on salary tho and we know that wont happen with this FO. They will sign A-Rod at vet min. I do hope they sign Gomez....when he catches fire he is unreal. At this point we have nothing to lose. Dude can fly and play great D at the least. High risk guys are all we can hope for.
  12. Is there any way we can somehow get Braun from the Brewers. It won't cost nearly as much as you might think considering his contract...but if Loria is willing to take on salary, I think he would be a great replacement. The contract isn't even that bad imo...about 15 mil for 950 OPS, I'll take that any day. Trade Ozuna this summer to get a pitcher or just trade Braun and sell high on him if he can lead us to the playoffs. Loria may need to open his pocket book..I know it sounds crazy and won't happen but it's a thought.
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