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  1. I have a hot take about making the playoffs but I'll bite my tongue until the season is over.
  2. MLB figure out the draft order yet?
  3. This is so huge. Biggest series since 9/14/2020
  4. Yeah I don't doubt that international fans are late bloomers, but in America if you didnt at least play little league baseball you'll probably never be a fan. It's just how it is.
  5. Why is everyone always trying to attract casual/non fans? If you're over 16 and you don't care about baseball you never will.
  6. Expanded playoffs is one of the worst ideas out there.
  7. I'd rather ties be allowed than this garbage
  8. Peak programming was when we were on PAX and they aired Supermarket Sweep or whatever it was called. Always tuned in early for that.
  9. I thought 3rd and 1 out has better odds of scoring one run but 2nd and no outs has higher expected runs scored? If so then bunting in the top of the inning probably isn't great, but bunting in the bottom when tied or down by 1 may be best. All player dependent tho.
  10. I 100% believe you. How could I doubt someone who's watched almost every Marlins game on gameday for 19 years? Serious. Salute.
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