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  1. Guzman has a very weird delivery. Looks hunchbacked
  2. When's the last time we were tied for the division lead in late July? We should trade meyers for rodney and make a playoff push.
  3. What does a DH have to do with any of this? I havent been following. And why are they making changes to 2021? And why does anyone think a man on 2nd in extras is a good idea? And where's Carter Capps?
  4. We really haven't had any meaningful games yet so I can't really think of any specific times Mattingly mismanaged the bullpen. I know he has, but I just can't remember. Therefore, I have no opinion.
  5. Totally forgot about Kemp, good call
  6. Would be cool if Villar could win the CF spot and Anderson played 3B because I think a Dickerson Villar Joyce outfield is optimal, offensively at least, depending on how you feel about Harrison. Vs Righties: Dickerson Villar Joyce, 3B Anderson, 1B Coop/Aguilar Could platoon Coop in the OF to sub for Joyce against lefties. Just spitballing. I like this signing.
  7. Brinson will put up at least a .240/.310/.450 line in at least 350 PAs. Dickerson will be our best offensive player. Diaz and Harrison will bust making the Yelich trade officially the worst trade in franchise history.
  8. Thanks. I wouldn't know because I've been a fan of my local team my whole life.
  9. Reminder that @Das Texan was an Astros fan before he was a Marlins fan, developing treacherous behavior from a young age. Reminder that Das Texan's wife, a Cardinals fan, made him stop being a Marlins fan because their MLB.TV subscription was getting too expensive.
  10. This makes sense since Ive never once contradicted myself in my life.
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