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  1. I don’t want to see Alfaro next year, even as a backup C. Same goes for Bronson and Isan. Don’t want to see their faces. We need a clean start.
  2. I always loved Conley. OGs will remember. Never wanted him gone. Obviously talented.
  3. We all knew the rebuild would take until 2025 to complete so let’s just stay calm guys. Another top 5 pick would be great.
  4. Mid relief, mid rotation, and maybe a catcher if you don't like alfaro. That's what we should limit ourselves to. Dont go crazy (unless JT is realistic) and let the prospects play ball. We already added Marte lets not act like that isn't significant.
  5. Just ride with the young guys. That was the whole point of all this right? C - Alfaro (maybe FA idk) 1B - Diaz/Cooper/Aguilar 2B - Diaz/Berti SS - Rojas 3B - Anderson LF - Dickerson CF - Marte RF - Sanchez/Harrison DH - Cooper/Aguilar SP - Sandy, Pablo, Sixto, Cabrera, FA/Meyers Spend money on RP if need be. If the prospects don't perform we're in trouble so I'd rather figure that out now. Jazz and Bleday full time mid year or 2022 at SS and LF.
  6. I dont get why we've been starting Wallach. And please don't tell me he's been handling the staff better the past couple weeks.
  7. Just turn the fake noise off it's disgusting just like laugh tracks
  8. So it's Wednesday, Thursday, Friday right?
  9. I have a hot take about making the playoffs but I'll bite my tongue until the season is over.
  10. MLB figure out the draft order yet?
  11. This is so huge. Biggest series since 9/14/2020
  12. Yeah I don't doubt that international fans are late bloomers, but in America if you didnt at least play little league baseball you'll probably never be a fan. It's just how it is.
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