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  1. They should have a one man booth. I’d be fine with Paul alone. Never felt the need for color guys when 95% of what they say is fluff. Listen to Gefner on the radio, he’s great alone. There’s nothing wrong with having some silence between pitches. In fact, just simulcast the radio broadcast.

  2. Mid relief, mid rotation, and maybe a catcher if you don't like alfaro. That's what we should limit ourselves to. Dont go crazy (unless JT is realistic) and let the prospects play ball. We already added Marte lets not act like that isn't significant.

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  3. Just ride with the young guys. That was the whole point of all this right?

    C - Alfaro (maybe FA idk)

    1B - Diaz/Cooper/Aguilar

    2B - Diaz/Berti

    SS - Rojas

    3B - Anderson

    LF - Dickerson

    CF - Marte

    RF - Sanchez/Harrison

    DH - Cooper/Aguilar


    SP - Sandy, Pablo, Sixto, Cabrera, FA/Meyers

    Spend money on RP if need be. If the prospects don't perform we're in trouble so I'd rather figure that out now. Jazz and Bleday full time mid year or 2022 at SS and LF.

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  4. 10 hours ago, taiwanmarlin said:

    I remember I started to watch the professional baseball game at the age of 17, because my classmate was a baseball fan. 

    Yeah I don't doubt that international fans are late bloomers, but in America if you didnt at least play little league baseball you'll probably never be a fan. It's just how it is.

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  5. I thought 3rd and 1 out has better odds of scoring one run but 2nd and no outs has higher expected runs scored? If so then bunting in the top of the inning probably isn't great, but bunting in the bottom when tied or down by 1 may be best. All player dependent tho.

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