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  1. Trading Stanton as a salary dump when you could easily get under your internal cap by trading other players is pants on head retarded.
  2. Some of you are a bit too sure that Stanton won't return anything of value. I mean, all it takes is for one team to fall in love with him and overpay and it's easier to fall in love with Stanton than Shelby Miller.
  3. Best case scenario, Stanton refuses to be traded so Jeter is forced to trade the rest of our assets to get under our internal cap
  4. Jon Morosi says a formal offer for Stanton has been made by the Cardinals
  5. Don't see the problem in adding 5 mil a year to get elite prospects back. Trading Ozuna, Yelich and Stanton with money retained alone would bring back 6 elite prospects potentially and it's not like we'll need that 5 mil a year to add free agents anytime soon. Idk this rebuild could really work out if Jeter was just willing to trade everyone and not just Gordon, Stanton, and Prado. Dummy.
  6. Would be kinda cool if he refused to be traded. He just wants to be loved :'(
  7. This is actually a good idea. Get as much value possible out of Stanton, Yelich, Ozuna, Bour, Gordon, Straily, and maybe even Realmuto without adding bad contracts and we'll be under our salary cap and actually have a future. All the bad contracts will be up within 2-3 years and by that time our prospects will ideally be ready to actually compete with some complimentary fa additions.
  8. We should just blow the whole thing up instead of trying to half ass the rebuild. Trade Stanton, Yelich, and Ozuna seperately to maximize the prospects coming back. Then trade say Bour and Prado together. This would kill bours value and we may need to still eat some of prados salary but getting him out is necessary. I think Gordon is tradeable by himself (maybe eat a little). At this point you can just keep tazawa and Ziegler and maybe trade them at the deadline if they improve. If not then they come off the books next year. Idk maybe there's less drastic measures
  9. I keep wondering how much of that 40 mil in losses/year can be cut off the field
  10. Stanton would hurt more cuz I have a bad feeling we won't get much back for him. Cabrera brought in an amazing haul at the time although only bradenhop panned out for the Marlins. Also we all knew miggy was gonna leave, he had no contract and our payroll was like 20 mil or something. I just love Stanton so much :'(
  11. True but if Stanton sees everyone around him being traded and he can't see us competing realistically for another 3 years i don't see why he wouldn't waive the clause. I don't want him to leave obviously but I wouldn't blame him.
  12. Stanton is gone. No doubt in my mind. Pussy Jeter would make Hill trade him right now if he could.
  13. 61 is the record. Ruth playing with only (white) players was out of his control. Maris having a longer season was out of his control. Bonds intentionally cheated. It kills me to say this too because Bonds was my favorite non Marlin growing up. (Just looked up Bonds numbers, he had a .609 OBP in 2004 0_0 )
  14. Unless they pull off a miracle, this will be the most depressing fire sale we've had. Usually we were trading guys before they made their big contracts and we were able to get back some actual talent that left you hopeful. Now we'll be trading guys that actually have money attached so we'll get garbage back, and for guys like Ozuna and Bour they'll probably attach fat contracts to them anyways. This is really bad and it's not like we have actual smart baseball people running the show it's gonna be Jeter, a man who doesn't like watching baseball or using analytics (pretty weird combo).
  15. My reaction will depend on who they trade and what they get back, but I'll still be a fan ofc
  16. He's a manlet this won't end well
  17. Stanton will have an increasing amount of succubi trying to drain his power he needs to stay on guard
  18. God I'm so proud of this team
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