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  1. Good throw by Todd from Left on that Rolen hit...Sux with that Renteria HR...Wow, that was REALLY unexpected... :mischief2 Another great play by Todd! Awesome catch...
  2. Pudge HR! Hell yes! Hell yes! wooooo eeeeee! Yes! Sry bout that, a little carried away...
  3. You mean Cough (the #2 hitter for the Cards) cough... lol. I am waiting for Pierre to hit it, Rodriguez to get up, and Hollandsworth...Oh, Pierre walked! cough (steal) cough...
  4. That's funny, you're both wrong. LOL. J/P. I had a similar bet with my friend about Pro Player and Minute Maid Field. Which center field was larger. I was right with Minute Maid Minute Maid= 435 FT. Pro Player= 434 FT. (listed 404, but that's BS)
  5. Great...Damn, that was one hard throw by Pudge...Another one in the 2nd inning too...
  7. Exactly. But do you think its easy to have the last name Clinton while being in school during that time and even 'till now? LOL.
  8. I know it's the highest level. He better stay up there... Jones Jr. VS Tyson: Match I... I wish!
  9. 1:05, Fox Sports Net! I can't wait!!!
  10. YES! I love Roy Jones...He's great! Maybe he can come up to the next level AGAIN and do awesome...
  11. He handled everything well, just his personal life... Get this! Bush's I.Q.= 91! :unsure : Clinton's I.Q.= 189! That's crazy.... :w00t
  12. Well, I am that confident that he will take Castillia's postition...
  13. I voted for Zelda w/e. I hate anything Zelda...
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