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  1. We obviously won the cardinals and mariners trades. We won the yankees trade so far more so because of the offloaded salary and Stanton's injuries rather than Castros WAR. Phillies trade looks decent so far, too early to tell. Yelich trade may be considered the worst in franchise history when all is said and done.
  2. I'd hold off on big signings until at least 2021 unless it's a steal
  3. Yeah exactly. From a development and contract perspective it makes most sense.
  4. Cabrera, Bleday, J Sanchez, Jazz, and maybe Lewin seem more like mid season callups. 2021 will be the true 2006 equivalent more likely.
  5. Couldnt Caleb still have been the pick and then replaced because of his injury?
  6. Spends 11 years in the minors, finally gets called up for 12 games, hits .390/.500/.683 and gets dfa'd. Weird
  7. Walker and Romo for sure should go. Anderson should be shopped for the right deal. Smith and Richards you dont shop but should hear out any offers.
  8. Anderson Jordan Holloway might make it eventually too
  9. I will say that the experience is much better when the roof is open. And the renovations have helped a lot.
  10. National Anthem, 7th Inning Stretch, Sweet Caroline in Boston, and the occasional organ tune. I was pleasantly shocked by how little stadium noise there was outside of the natural sounds.
  11. I don't care about casuals tho. I spit on them. *ptui* *ptui* The Marlins are for you and me and our ilk. Reclaim your birthright. Complete silence sounds good actually. Watch a game at Wrigley or Fenway if you get the chance. If you must, at most there should be an organ rendition of a 60's pop classic. Latin music is too repetitive for me. bum tabum ta, bum tabum ta... I like where your head is at but the current ballpark experience is the physical manifestation of the Marvel aesthetic. My version is Tarkovskyian.
  12. I wish it was just a traditional ballpark experience. Keep the walkup songs and mid inning organ, drop the dancers, spanglish, mid inning games/segements, and latin music. If the team sucks then so be it. Obviously that needs to be fixed, but all the nonsense on the side is a slap in the face. Just let me watch my shitty team in peace.
  13. Fangraphs projects Bleday as the 60th best prospect right now. So below Sixto and above everyone else.
  14. Worst part about this season isnt the record or the shutouts, it's Brinson looking like trash.
  15. Paddack and Castillo where developed in the minors by the marlins tho, and we all knew they were good before being traded, especially Paddack. I don't buy that they wouldnt be good in miami.
  16. Honestly tho, Paddack, Castillo, Smith would have Harvey, De Grom, Thor potential. Then add Pablo and Richards as a 4 and 5 and we're looking at a legitimate top of the line rotation. Those trades hurt more than Yelich because at least you understood the rationale behind that trade. Loria knew he was leaving so he just dumped any players with potential for half a season of a 50 year old reliever and Cashner/Straily. Laughable. Fuck him.
  17. I really can't stand watching Paddack and Castillo highlights
  18. Consuming bad art is not a neutral act. I want you to be better, brother. Ascend.
  19. I didnt say i was surprised theyre making them. Im just sick of it. And making money means nothing regarding quality.
  20. Theyre shitty storylines that constantly fall back on gross hour long cgi fight scenes and cheap quips. Sequel after sequel, spinoff after spinoff, bringing characters back from the dead...theyre not well made movies from any technical perspective. I wouldn't even care if this was some niche film wave, but it's dominated pop culture for 15 years. Im sick of the studios that keep pushing this nonsense instead of other actually interesting projects, and im sick of the fans for supporting it all because of some adolescent comic book nostalgia.
  21. You have a knack for always finding silver linings
  22. Once again im being persecuted for speaking the truth
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