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  1. So I literally got off work and went to the library and was just in time for the bottom of the 9th. I think i'm good luck, lol. Either way, this is such a huge win! Way to go, guys!
  2. "...we're the only announcers that wear Tommy Bahama shirts..." I literally LOL'd to that.Love Rich!
  3. VERY excite for this one! We match up extremely well on paper vs. these Nats including Hanley's dominance of Marquis. Not to set myself up for a letdown, but I kind of expect a dominating performance from the ball club tonight. Picks to click: obviously Hanley and Anibal Sanchez.
  4. I hope that Javier can rebound, he performed pretty poorly today and our defense was back to its old self. Plenty of hits, just not timely.
  5. I have no plans tonight. What I would give to live within driving distance of Sun Life.
  6. Went with Buck.....what a way to make a splash (no pun intended). JJ outstanding and the win was well deserved. And the bullpen was actually fun to watch.
  7. Looks like Infante will man 2nd and Dominguez/Helms/Bonifacio will handle the hot corner. If Dominguez is not ready, why not just put Bonifacio at CF and Coghlan at 3rd? I guess they want to give Coghlan as much prep in center as possible. Still, not the biggest fan of this. Thoughts? Marlins confident Coghlan can man center By Joe Frisaro / MLB.com | 12/03/10 2:55 PM EST MIAMI -- On short notice, Chris Coghlan proved in 2009 that he could adapt to left field. He went on to win the National League Rookie of the Year Award that season. The Marlins are confident that Coghlan can now ma
  8. Great news, but I'm staying patient for it to become official. I'm happy that other people are pleased as well!
  9. Why is Alex Gordon a fail? I wouldn't Maybin for him straight up, but he's a similar spec in that he's a big-upside guy, he's shown flashes, but he has ultimately been disappointing. My fail was eluding to the fact that a Maybin for Gordon trade would be effing terrible. Gordon could, I guess, be ok, but a straight up trade involving those two would do way more detriment than help.
  10. 12:25am: The Marlins have also discussed Maybin with the Royals, according to Frisaro (Twitter link). Alex Gordon? It just seems like the FO would be more willing to hang onto Maybin for another season giving their committment to defense up the middle. Unless, they're afraid he's on his way to Miller/Hermida-ism. FAIL
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