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  1. And Florida was never going to happen. For some reason they haven't awarded the state yet. Since we were at 86%, there's been a 40K margin and most of the missing votes were from the tri-county, high Democrat, high population area. Now they're down to less than 2% remaining and a larger than 60K lead. I dunno what they're f***ing waiting for... Still haven't called Florida. I don't understand why.
  2. Happy birthday, Admin! You're OLLLLLLDDD!!!! :wee
  3. [quote="Dr Beinfest, post: 1386752"] I was going to say... Admin must tell all of the mods to make stupid threads in Outfield. Turns out, you do it by charity now :lol
  4. I know how hard this can be for all of us, so I've made a video to talk about the scandal and hopefully help us begin to move on. If you could use a laugh or two, check it out! http://youtu.be/ukfin1q105k
  5. He has a right to his opinion of course, per the 1st Amendment - but sometimes it's better for one's livelihood to keep one's mouth shut. This reminds me a bit of the Hank Williams Jr ESPN fiasco not long ago.
  6. Dodge

    Um, ew.

    I dated a girl a while back that I could NOT dutch oven to save my life! I swear she had a sixth sense for that. Of course, the relationship didn't work out.
  7. It was a dumb comment to make, however I don't think he's wrong.
  8. Partied with a fraternity last night. Outdrank all of the bros easily. After waking up this morning (ok, afternoon) - I realized that they won.
  9. Dude, do you actually do that? That's freakin hilarious.
  10. Some of the missed connections on CL are pathetic. Seriously. It's mostly closet older gay men who think a 22 y/o Subway guy was "interested." So...were you interested? For, like, a split second.
  11. Some of the missed connections on CL are pathetic. Seriously. It's mostly closet older gay men who think a 22 y/o Subway guy was "interested."
  12. Bit surprising that a Vince Young led Eagles beat the Giants last night I don't find it surprising at all. I've always had more faith in VY than most. Also, this is a QB's league these days. If the Phins are going to trade for a QB, or make a move in free agency, they've got to do better than Campbell.
  13. Caleb isn't a bad QB - if I were a Bears fan, I'd look forward to seeing what he can do. As a Skins fan, I'm excited to see if we can draft Luck. Gotta root for Minny to win a few more though. If Indy is smart, they'll trade down their #1 pick.
  14. Seems about right, I guess.
  15. Crazy day. I'm getting fed up with the BCS, but I think that what's happening now will be good for the future.
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