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  1. Watch a catch by Sierra in CF! I thought it had a chance to go, but was sure a double if not caught.
  2. Glad Donnie left Sandy in for that, I would have taken him out after that 2nd jam.
  3. That's a tack on run. Coop not a BertiBall run haha.
  4. There you go Marlins! That's a BertiBall run there haha.
  5. Come on Marlins, tack on here! At first I was questioning the No. 2 and No. 4 guys in the lineup (thought they'd be flipped). But I'm sure Donnie's glad he has Aguilar up now (hope I'm right).
  6. Contreras def wanted benches to clear. Loved Garcia just flat out ignoring him haha.
  7. Thanks guys, thought so. Understandable by the mistakes there then. Okay Marlins, win this now!
  8. I thought it was 2 also. I was wondering how the bases were loaded all of the sudden haha. They're doing it remotely right?
  9. There's your 2 runs guys! Hell of a hit for Rojas there, thought it was going to get caught.
  10. Hell of a DP there! Now win this Marlins! I don't get mascots at empty stadiums.
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