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  1. As long as we got back someone who can get three outs when called on without having to call the trauma unit I don't care if he 21, 31 or 41 and he can last through October.
  2. ...I don't know why Jorge Sosa is on this team, actually... I've been wondering the same thing myself. :notworthy
  3. I said recently and I wasn't being facetious that Cantu's greatest contribution to this team right now may be freeing up his roster spot for someone who can contribute. Perhaps luckily for me I was in an airport concourse when the eighth inning rolled around so aside from second-hand accounts I'll have to wait for the 2am replay of the game to see exactly happened.
  4. To some extent, if Cantu is the odd man out and it looks more and more like he is, the roster spot his departure creates plus the salary saved that can be allocated elsewhere are almost as important as the player compensation we get back. Will Carroll tweated a couple days ago that if the Marlins trade their players, they either need to take a contract back in return or pay our players salary, as part of the agreement with MLB and the union this past offseason. Which is unfortunate, because being able to save 3 mil this season to spend next year or what not would be awesome. That is so far-fetched and the source is such an infamous Marlins-hater I suspect it's totally without credibility. But that's just my opinion. Why would Will Carroll of all people know this and no one else in the sports media? You would think Heyman or Olney or Stark or Rosenthal would jump all this, especially Heyman who made it his personal mission to derail the Marlins getting a stadium of their own, or Gammons or Kurkjian who have the deepest connections in the game on every side (owners, the league itself and the union), once it was out there would have blown the story up, but the absence of any corroboration of something tweeted from a frequently untrustworthy site like Baseball Prospectus doesn't pass the smell test. I admit I missed the tweet, I wish I read it and the context of it if he followed up on their site, I really hadn't heard anything about it until you were kind enough to post it just now. Personally I'd be more comfortable seeing some more reputable reporter like the ones I mentioned (and no I don't mean Barry Jackson or a Dave Hyde lol) airing this out, but it certainly is something to consider even if there's a germ of truth to it.
  5. Has anyone factored into their thinking re:Nunez' unavailability last night that we are about to start (counting tonight) nine games in a row - two against our division-leading Braves, then flying to San Francisco for four against the wildcard-leading Giants, followed by three against the NL West-leading Padres, and maybe giving Nunez a night off before the beginning of that run might not be the worst idea in the world? If it had been Fredi he would of panicked and perhaps thrown Nunez out there in desperation with no warning or preparation (going over batting characteristics, etc.) and the result very well may have been much worse AND no Nunez tonight or tomorrow when he probably be needed the most. It's July, these guys have been playing at home in the heat and humidity, they get worn down, I didn't think when it was announced and I still don't (not playing the result) this was such a bad decision the manager made.
  6. I have to run so you can have the last word but the supposition without evidence is that the throw would have beaten Bonifacio to third. You had just seen Stanton airmail one home that Tommy/Rich suggested may have been affected by the wet outfield grass and a slippery ball, which factors into not just the result but what took place on both plays, and conceivably could have gotten that runner were it not so high, but it seems you are more than confident that EB would have been out at third (the supposition as we'll never know, you - the collective "you" ) IF THE THROW WAS PERFECT. Aha...the throw wasn't perfect, Bonifacio's running to third wasn't perfect, as I said in an earlier post as fans and lovers of the sport we have to realize while the game may be as close to perfection as you can get, the people who play are human beings and by definition imperfect. Lunch date, gotta go. Have a great afternoon.
  7. i was on florida marlins site to see who pitching i see one page say Ricky Nolasco or say Volstad here link http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/news/probable_pitchers/index.jsp?c_id=fla other here http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/ticketing/singlegame.jsp?c_id=fla look under sunday game i hope is Nolasco because he will gave us better chance winnng the game Either Tommy or Rich said last night the mention of Nolasco has a typo, an error of some sort and should never had been published. The last I heard it was between Volstad or using several members of the relief corps to kluge together a start although with the roadtrip we're about to embark on I doubt that will be the case.
  8. 2003, that is incredibly unfair and ignorant. Ignorant? Get over yourself Pengy...I mean really you string together a bunch of suppositions none of which you can prove or even have any evidence of, and the frosting on the cake is I'm ignorant? Honestly, I expect better from you. We should be celebrating an enormously important victory and this is the focus of discussion here? Miscues happened all night, on both sides, I personally think Wagner's performance and how we took advantage of it is a much more spicy subject to be reveling in rather than beating this dead horse. And no bobby I don't want us to go out and kill a horse either.
  9. Also, did Marlins2003 really say that there are people who want bonifacio to die? No bobby I didn't. I used a figure of speech. bobby I worry about you. Your obsession is getting worse and worse. If you really believe what you wrote, you really ought reach out for some mental health counseling. Try the school nurse maybe she can send you to someone before it's too late. Good luck next time.
  10. ...It wasn't the wet track though; he was just caught looking at the OF'er. That's a situation with 1 out and his speed that there should be no doubts. He should have confidence in his best ability and know that he has to and can get to 3rd base with 1 out in that situation. And you know all this definitively because you've been in that position so many times that instinctively you have absolutely know doubt you would have been able to choreograph the play better than he did, even though as inelegantly as he may of looked, he wound up with the desired result. It must be nice to be so perfect. I mean honestly, we all saw the play, he stumbled around a bit, he had trouble just past second base but to pretend for even a moment you have a better handle on what took place is ridiculous. At least he didn't freeze at second base which would have been the kiss of death and maybe ultimately cost the Marlins the game but he overcame his faux paux and got himself ninety feet from scoring the tieing run. What else can you ask? Not everyone dances like Mikhail Baryshnikov, not everyone runs the bases like Ricky Henderson. Give the guy a break.
  11. To some extent, if Cantu is the odd man out and it looks more and more like he is, the roster spot his departure creates plus the salary saved that can be allocated elsewhere are almost as important as the player compensation we get back.
  12. Was it last night when Bonifacio watched Dexter Fowler in the outfield and in doing so got himself to third base with a triple and ultimately scored the winning run. Or was that so other guy named Emilio Bonifacio? I'm confused. But tonight on a wet track, down a run in the ninth inning he watches the outfielder and he's being accused of not running the bases properly. This is a perfect game played by imperfect people. You guys are impossible to satisfy especially when deep down inside even if you won't admit it, you hate the guy and no matter what he does it will never be enough in your eyes to justify him taking his next breath.
  13. There's a reason they settled on Murphy and not Luna and we may never know what that was, but clearly the choice was there to be made and they made it. Since both guys were regs for E-Rod you have to figure he knew who was going to fit in best up here (and that's being said by someone has been talking about Luna for the last six weeks or so).
  14. The problem Erick that you identified is a legitimate one, finding a quality starter would be great. No argument there. But part of what you saw tonight with only one lefty in the bullpen, admittedly one I personally don't have all the confidence in the world in and have said so, even as he's been doing well, is not having a second lefty and preferably one who can pitch to more than one or two batters - not having another guy that fits our needs in certain circumstances - guys who can contribute three or four nights a week each will, I believe, and I'm not speaking for anyone else, will contribute more in the win column than one fourth or fifth starter (because let's face it, we are not getting any of the top ten names being bandied about as starters available by trade) so by definition I don't know who that starter would be. Worth mentioning although not necessarily in the context of your point, RVH had an excellent outing for NOLA tonight.
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