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    Yeah, Sonic Youth doesn't age well.
  2. When the crap is this damn movie getting a wide release?
  3. Great football/playoff/Green Bay/Lambeau weather.
  4. A couple good friends of mine from a few years back, and some other people: Bombadil Very different sounding...check em out. (If anyone lives in NC, or somewhere they're going on tour, their live show is awesome.) I see they are playing at Hideaway BBQ on the 18th. Hideaway BBQ is awesome. Really liked that sample song on their site too. May have to go see them next Friday. I've been looking for a good place to take this other couple out with my wife and I and this could be a good match. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. How to be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation
  6. Unlike many of his supporters (most of whom are Sox fans) who think it is the ultimate travesty if he doesn't get in. Why do you keep bringing this crap up when having a discussion directed at me? I've never insinuated that nor have I even brought up any conjecture or anything else to my stance that would make someone think that. Don't you get on people all the time for making general, sarcastic statements based on the comments of a few? This is why the board has dissolved a lot the past year to two years is because of pointless bickering about crap like that. I'm guilty of it too bu
  7. Jumping into this thing a little late, but I've got a question for Fox. The 12 year stats that you cited from SoSH, doesn't it inherently favor someone who basically started at exactly the same time Rice did? Here are the stats: 1st in runs (1,098) 1st in hits (2,145) 1st in home runs (350) 1st in runs batted in (1,276) 1st in slugging percentage (.520) 1st in total bases (3,670) 1st in extra-base hits (752) 1st in go-ahead RBIs (325) 1st in multi-hit games (640) 4th in triples (73) 4th in batting average (.304) 1st in outfield assists (125) In order for you to rank high on al
  8. Chances the REAL ID/National ID/whatever make us any safer: 0.
  9. This will be a Godsend for me at work this year. Thanks Cape.
  10. Cumulative statistics is a drastically inferior approach because it does not emphasize consistency or the certainty that he could repeat the performance. The author took what I consider to be a flawed approach. As for the HOF monitor, I know it exists but I don't believe in complicated metrics so I have never given it serious consideration or even have knowledge of all of the components taken into consideration. So basically, anything I don't agree with is nonsense and has no place in the argument. I placed a link that explains it. They aren't complicated and I'm sure someone as schola
  11. No. It just shows how silly the ballpark argument is for or against someone. Why is comparing him to Hall of Famers nonsensical? What is the standard then? What magical thing do we compare him to? Of course there is no single answer to that. Why are you only evaluating Rice in comparison to the weaker players in the Hall for the criteria? Why not the better ones? Where do you set the line? Some personal imput is certainly required but the Sons of Sam Horn are just as likely to skew the numbers as I am (so it is unfair to pretend that I am the only one who has a bias). Just by lo
  12. Black Ink: 33 (Likely HOFer ~27) Gray Ink: 176 (~144) HOF Monitor: 146.5 (>100) http://www.baseball-reference.com/about/le...shtml#black_ink Those were devised by Bill James, FWIW.
  13. Murray: 127.9 Yount: 118.9 Winfield: 112.0 Schmidt: 155.3 Jackson: 112.8 Molitor: 102.9 Brett: 116.9 Puckett (in just 12 years): 91.5 Sandberg (only 14 full seasons): 113.1 Rice = 128. I'm not sure where you got your numbers, but I can't imagine Molitor's OPS+ being only 102 after his first 16 seasons, unless his final 5 seasons of 138, 101, 116, 104, 86 raised his OPS+ 20 points, unless, of course, you are counting his 38 in 46 AB as a full seaosn in your calculations. Puckett's OPS+ is 124 for his career. I'm not sure where you are getting these numbers at all. I f***ed up
  14. No. It just shows how silly the ballpark argument is for or against someone. Why is comparing him to Hall of Famers nonsensical? What is the standard then? What magical thing do we compare him to?
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