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  1. I wish I lived in Weston. 912035[/snapback] y? 912685[/snapback] http://www.visualtour.com/inventory.asp?U=4288 Jeff Conine and other famous folks live there.
  2. I wish I lived in Weston.
  3. I'm just happy we won the game. I'm sorry that the ump made a lousy call. Too bad some umps can't admit mistakes. I too hope Alex is back tomorrow. Why would Migs want to play 2nd base?
  4. Did the child use any profanity in his retort? Profanity prompts profanity. I would say that whether the incident were true or not, we, as fans, must understand that professional athletes are under a great deal of non-stop pressure. That's not to say that it's a legitimate excuse to verbally abuse children. It only means it's understandable. We should've won that game. But the Dodgers just kept coming back. And back. And back. :mad It's enough to make anybody mad. I was about ready to smash the TV set. But that's another story. The point here is I think we must all strive to be sensitive and
  5. This forum is a place we can rejoice and lick our wounds. That's what it's all about, folks.
  6. Ya know, folks, sometimes it takes a change to get a player out of a slump. I'm sure that's all that happened here.
  7. It could be that Jack has seen his better days. He may be washed up. I'm also thinking that Bobby Bowden is washed up. They both need to retire already. Maybe get together for some golf or something.
  8. I love Enc! He's a great all-around player! He's tops! He's saved the day many a time. He's a HERO!
  9. I'm so glad. But it also helps Atlanta.
  10. HOORAY ENC! WE LOVE YOU! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  11. According to FloridaMarlins.com, rain is expected to delay tonight's start by approximately half an hour. 833769[/snapback] This is a long half hour.
  12. I like Enc. I don't want him traded. We need him!
  13. We won't pester you if you admit you are a Marlin. We will treat you like anyone else. So please speak up. Let's see . . . I'll bet AJ is reading. And maybe JP. And Josh. And LoDuca. And probably Cabrera.
  14. A pitching coach can only do so much. I think it's the fans. They don't motivate the Marlins. They just sit there eating.? :mad 803222[/snapback] making you aware that you said pitching coach insteada hitting coach before people make wise ass comments about it even though we know waht you meant. 803234[/snapback] :o Thanks. It's late.
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