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  1. Uncle Leo


    I thought this was going to be a thread about a bat problem inside the stadium. Would've been sick.
  2. Uncle Leo

    Bour traded to Phillies.

    The issue with Bour is that the arbitration process overvalues a guy that hits home runs and not much else. People keep talking about how he's under control for two more years but in arbitration (after making 3.4M this year) he'd get 5M in 2019? Probably 6-7M in 2020. If he was a free agent would someone give him USD 5-7M? He's not good on defense, he's slow as balls in terms of base running. His K rate is up. He's 30 and his numbers are down across the board. But on the other hand, even in a down year the guy is still sporting an .835 OPS vs R handed pitching. His career BABIP is .295 and it's .267 this year. And he's usually OK on defense. Just seems like a very unlucky/bad type of season. I think he'd be very serviceable and valuable to an AL team to play 1B/DH against RHP and bench guy. He can't stay in Philly because of Santana but if the Rockies get him, watch him put up a .850+ OPS the next two years if used the right way. I don't blame the Marlins moving him, we have no use long-term for a 30 year old stud platoon type player. The guy is coming off a 2.2 WAR season where he batted .900 in pitcher friendly Marlins Park. I'm just surprised a team like COL or an AL team wasn't more interested and seemingly everyone is thinking this is him regressing and he'll just get worse and not that he's still very capable of contributing to a team, which I think he very much is.
  3. Uncle Leo

    Bour traded to Phillies.

    Honestly I don't really know how to feel about this trade. Think we sold pretty low on him but we'll see how he does with the Phillies. We have no power in this lineup now... not that it matters. Guess he just wasn't in our plans long-term. And hefty power first basemen don't usually get better in their 30's so... maybe this really was the time to cut bait. I still think we would've been better off hoping for a rebound and trading him in the offseason or before the deadline next year. But oh well.
  4. Uncle Leo


    What kind of a return can we expect for him? Maybe throw in Donna as a package deal. Have you scouted their forums for intriguing prospects? Bearclaw looks tired. Or he just lost his mojo. Or we lost a prime opportunity to sell high.
  5. Uncle Leo

    Marlins acquire Bryson Brigman & pool money for Maybin

    https://www.fishstripes.com/2018/7/31/17632800/mlb-trade-deadline-marlins-cameron-maybin-for-international-bonus-money-prospect-victor-victor-mesa https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/new-swing-new-results-for-bryson-brigman/ Solid articles about Brigman and Intl money
  6. Uncle Leo

    Trade Deadline Approaching

    To be fair the Nationals did make a trade today, trading away a bullpen arm. "Cubs acquired RHP Brandon Kintzler from the Nationals for RHP Jhon Romero. Kintzler will add a nice piece to the Cubs' setup corps, and he might even see a couple save chances while Brandon Morrow continues to work through a biceps injury. Kintzler, 33, was sporting a 3.59 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, and 31/13 K/BB ratio through 42 2/3 innings this season out of the Nationals' bullpen. He carries a $10 million club option for 2019."
  7. Uncle Leo

    Trade Deadline Approaching

    Marlins trying to move Starlin Castro I'm sure. Everyone else still has controllable years.
  8. Uncle Leo

    Trade Deadline Approaching

    Autographed portrait from TaiwanMarlin
  9. Uncle Leo

    Trade Deadline Approaching

    "Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports that the Mariners will acquire outfielder Cameron Maybin from the Marlins. Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times broke the story first, and now it has been confirmed. It wouldn't be a trade deadline day without a deal from Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto, would it? Maybin hasn't put up big numbers in his time in Miami, with a .251/.338/.343 batting line, three homers and 20 RBI in 99 games. He's a quality defender, however, and he should be a slight offensive upgrade over Guillermo Heredia if Seattle chooses to deploy him in center. The Marlins will get a fringe prospect and international money in return." Called it. What do I win?
  10. Uncle Leo

    Trade Deadline Approaching

    Think Cameron Maybin is most likely player gone. No reason to hold on to him, he's the perfect 3rd/4th OF for teams with his + Glove and so-so bat but with some pop. We'll trade him for just about anything in about an hour if no one gets serious.
  11. Uncle Leo

    Marlins trade Ziegler to D-Backs for Tommy Eveld

    I heard Steve Cishek will be made available in a deal with Ziegler if we're willing to include Castro.
  12. Uncle Leo

    Trade Deadline Approaching

    Brian Anderson improved his defense a lot from last year when it comes to 3B. He should be getting all the at bats there and Dietrich or Prado could spell him if needed for rest days or platoon, whatever. Mainly Dietrich. But so far this season Anderson has started 72 games at RF and 38 at 3B. We should be developing these guys and giving them as much time as possible. Prado shouldn't have gotten more than 100 AB's this season. Sad that he'll be making 15M next year and along with Chen making 20M, they'll be making approximately half of our entire payroll... Teams are just waiting till the last minute to get Ziegler or Castro from us since they know we want to shed their salaries. They're playing chicken with us, see who blinks first.
  13. Uncle Leo

    Infinity War

    Thanks. I watched it a week ago. One of my friends I went with got tired of waiting for the 2nd scene after the end credits and looked it up on his phone and was like "dude, let's go. It's stupid" and I was like "don't you dare!" and I shook my finger at him very threatening like. And then when I saw it... yeah wow. haha. Waiting 5 minutes to see an Ant playing the drums. Sigh. I gotta say though... *SPOILER* I can't believe Ant-Man was left inside meanwhile all 3 of Wasp, Pym and his wife were all disintegrated... one of them couldn't remain? How the eff does he get out now. Anyway. Really looking forward to Captain Marvel
  14. Uncle Leo

    Trade Deadline Approaching

    Exactly. I wouldn't mind getting Chavis because we've needed an answer for 3B since Mike Lowell left but he's a little old to be in High A/AA still and he's not exactly killing it, but showing some nice power. Groome has been a top prospect for a couple years now but the guy had tommy john surgery and is out for all of 2018 and maybe part of 2019. You never know with that. Sometimes they come back better and stronger, sometimes they can't recover and are never the same anymore.
  15. Uncle Leo

    Trade Deadline Approaching

    I'm surprised a player like Castro doesn't generate more interest. He has a 1.5 WAR, he's very solid and in his prime at 28. Fangraphs calculates his value as a FA at 12-13M per year, and he's making 10M with another year of control at 11. Solid pop for a middle infielder. Glad to see that Ziegler has lots of interest, thankfully he's been much better recently to rehab his value. Hopefully get a couple lottery ticket prospects. Dietrich on the other hand should've been getting 400-500 at bats a season since 2015. Glad Marlins finally saw the light that he's pretty damn solid. Instead we made the masterful move of trading for Martin Prado (the trade actually was fine). That 3year/40M extension after his first year with us was just so so bad. Now we're paying 13.5M for a .580 OPS and need to pay him 15M next year. But hey, he's a leader! Leadership! Intangibles man. Pay that man 15M for intangibles.

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