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  1. Tim Healey chimes in on the Darvish idea

    Signing Arrieta or Darvish along with a Vargas or Lynn type player could very well get us to the playoffs. Chen could return to form. Strailey stays solid. Bour stays healthy all year and you have a legit top 10 offense. You can also argue that with what we have right now Chen returns to his Orioles day form, Strailey improves, we unearth the next dontrelle Willis and surprises abound with our offense and young OF’ers and led by a 40 HR season by Bour and JT and Rojas improve and Ziegler becomes the next surprising veteran in a long line of them for the marlins to turn in a career year. See where I’m going with this? You can’t know for sure. No one here can say any of this for a fact because players regress, they get injured, they die (yikes). The marlins are doing the most likely scenario for building an affordable lasting competitive team with depth. No one can or should argue against that. Hopefully that’s really their goal. The rest is all second guessing and pretending you’re Marty McFly and you came from the future.
  2. Marlins to honor Jose in some fashion

    More than that, do you think anyone would really want that number any time soon? I think a plaque somewhere in the stadium sounds about right. It's a tricky situation for Jeter. Do nothing or too little and he's cold and Marlins don't care. Do too much and you think he might be overcompensating for something and irk the people upset about the death of 2 others and DUI situation, etc.
  3. Dietrich to be LF on Opening Day

    Well, you're being kind because the last 3 years combined WAR (aka his time as a Marlin) is actually +.6. So yes, 2 out of the 3 years with us, Ichiro had a negative WAR season. I understand some have an emotional attachment to him and it's Ichiro and all but still baffles me why anyone would want the Marlins to sign him. He's 44 and a lock for .620-.680 OPS type season meaning absolutely no one would want to trade for him at the deadline. He'd be blocking the potential development of a guy like Braxton Lee or Van Slyke. I much rather just plug in some random AAA OF prospect running out of time and hope we get lucky and find the next Cody Ross or Justin Bour or Dan Uggla. Or signing a guy like Jon Jay who could have a solid season and be a trade chip. He needs to go back and play in Japan for a year or two where it all started and retire then.
  4. Do you want Jeter to keep the sculpture?

    First time I read this topic I thought "wait, we built a sculpture of Jeter?" I don't hate the HR sculpture, but I definitely don't love it either. Given it's location tough to know what would be feasible or work logistically. A fake beach with the marlin dancers sunbathing in bikinis would be chill. And then every time there's a HR they get up and start dancing and Billy the Marlin starts shooting shirts out of the air cannon Rambo style. I'd be down for that.
  5. Sports Illustrated Article on Jeter

    Adeiny got us Braxton Lee and Ethan Clark. Before the Yelich trade they were rated as our 13th and 33rd best prospects (so they'll be moved down a bit in an updated one) http://prospects1500.com/top-50-lists/miami-marlins-2018-top-50-prospects/ And Braxton Lee could very well be in our OF at some point this year or even starting things out depending how the Marlins decide to go with veteran FA signings. And at the time Adeiny was making 4.35MM so we wanted to dump that salary and did so on the Rays. Adeiny WAR history - 2014 + .3 / 2015 + 3.1 / 2016 +.5 and in 2017 had a combined +1.3 between us and the Rays. 2015 was his best offensive and defensive season and he seemed to be putting it all together but in 2016 he had his worst offensive season. Rojas WAR history - 2014 for the Dodgers +.3 and then with the Marlins 2015 +.8 / 2016 +.1 / 2017 +1.4 Of course he has far less at bats than Adeiny and small sample size but Rojas had a very respectable batting line of .290/.361/.375 over the 2017 season and anytime you can get a guy with an OPS over .700 playing SS with a good glove, that's VERY valuable. And he's about to make USD 1.2MM this year with two more arbitration years of control. Maybe he doesn't have the name recognition that Adeiny had but in terms of actual baseball value/WAR and money. You could argue that he's even more valuable than Adeiny. But to confirm this, he needs more at bats and be an everyday player.
  6. Rumors swirling we might sign Jon Jay
  7. Realmuto Trade Rumors

    Think it would be interesting to add Wieters and Tazawa to this deal. We'd eat 3M in salary but get a veteran catcher to help our pitchers and we need someone playing back there. And heck, he could have a resurgence and get traded himself later on in the season. And maybe with that 3M in savings the Nats would maybe feel better about parting ways with Soto and Kieboom. I just don't see them trading Robles to us at any point. Y'all wouldn't be ok with getting Wieters+Kieboom+Soto+Fedde (taking on 3.5MM in the process) for JT Realmuto+Tazawa? Nats might think that's far too rich for them. Fangraphs stipulated that the offer so far on the table is Kieboom and Fedde for JT which I agree is not enough. Same article also mentioned how in 2016 Jonathan Lucroy and his 1.5 years left on his deal was enough to get a top 30 prospect and some others. How is 3 years of JT in his prime not worth more? Just gotta sit tight and hold on to your butts.
  8. Billy the Marlin performer fired

    Apparently when Jeter told him to jump, he couldn’t jump high enough, so he fired him.
  9. What about Matt Holiday? Sure his defense would be horrendous but would we care? Could let him get at bats at 1B against some lefties and occasionally in LF as a 4th OF and hope an AL team signs him as a DH or takes a chance on him in 1B/LF? He killed it in the 1st half last year but then fell off a cliff. Now at 38, maybe if he was rested often he could sustain his numbers. He's had zero interest so far, shouldn't be hard to sign him.
  10. Realmuto loses arby case

    Cry me a river, J.T.
  11. Do you have an interesting "secondary team" in mind for 2018?

    Rooting for a 2nd team is lame. That's why there's more than one sport. Even got the World Cup this year and Miami FC on the way. And there's porn. Pet puppies. Meditate. Play Call of Duty. Do anything other than follow a 2nd team really.
  12. Realmuto Trade Rumors

    I remember Stanton being 'upset' with the future of the Marlins and the tight purse strings, but he saw Loria open up the checkbook and progress with young developing guys like himself and he signed. Realmuto just lost several friends and teammates, if he wants to be upset, I get it. But like others have mentioned, getting a legit franchise catcher is very difficult. And having a guy entering his prime being the face of your franchise like Buster Posey has been for the Giants and mentoring/assisting your young pitchers is a very good thing to have. I'm sure his mood and attitude toward the team will change by year end when some of our promising prospects start getting called up and he builds relationships with these guys. But if someone wants to unload top prospects on us, so be it.
  13. All 4 Fired Front Office Execs Land with New Teams

    I wouldn't make a big deal out of where they signed. Their new teams are all paying as little as possible knowing that the Marlins will pay the rest until it reaches the USD 3MM. I'm sure they all had a couple offers but they chose to go to teams with better rosters and in contention because there was no need to chase money. No one was going to offer them more than USD 3MM which it would take to get the Marlins off the hook so they'd make the same amount no matter where they landed. They just picked the best situation and ignored the money part. And the winning organizations can now slot these guys into less important roles. It's a win win for both of them. But to spin this as a , "Wow Marlins fired exec's and now they all landed in better places because they're awesome and Marlins were dumb to do it" is a stupid way to put it. Money wasn't a factor in any of it. Which is a big deal when it comes to employment so. Take it with a grain of salt. Just another obnoxious blub spun a certain way to make the Marlins look bad.
  14. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Haha damn... I swear I originally meant it to be a one paragraph reply and then I just couldn't stop typing. I blame Snoke for meddling with my feelings and showing me the strength of the dark side.
  15. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    You telling me Benicio's role and the whole casino planet wasn't political enough for you talking about how war is a money machine and everyone is at fault? Also strong female characters everywhere; Rey with very little training is strong af with the force, Leia commanding the rebels and when she's in a comma Vice Admiral Holdo takes over and even the commander of the storm troopers Captain Phasma was that tall chick from GoT. Meanwhile all the men are having temper tantrums, crises of faith, selling out the rebels for money, being rescued or bettered by their female counterparts. Benecio's character was complete garbage, that stutter was jar jar-esque. Also the whole "Let's go to a planet to find the one person in the entire galaxy that can help us only to get arrested and end up in a cell with another guy that just so happens to have the same skills" was so bad it hurts to think about. Also when DJ (Benecio) sells out the rebels to the First Order... how the eff did he know they were escaping? How did he know to run that scan? "Sir the information he provided us was accurate" or whatever they said. How did he even know about it? He wasn't made aware of it or in on it, it was straight up decided by Leia and Holdo and yet he single handedly figures it out and sells information? No one ever told Finn or Rose about that plan and they sure as hell didn't tell DJ. And don't even get me started on the side romance of Finn and Rose. Awful. Although Natalie Portman and Hayden's chemistry would make my skin crawl with how bad it was. Finn trying to sacrifice himself by kamikaze'ing the cannon after everyone had turned around (they did an aerial shot showing everyone turn around) and yet somehow Rose comes back and hits him from the side to rescue him? And then delivers that awfully cheesy one liner and faints. And then Finn freakin' drags her how far? Like a mile or two back to the cave entrance like nothing happened and no one blasted them or captured them? Episodes 4-6 were great and the whole world and concept of Star Wars is great, which is why we keep giving it so many passes. But Rogue One is actually my favorite Star Wars movie, BY FAR, not counting those originals. Episode 7 was solid. This 8th episode was just a huge fucking let down. It was horrendous. But it's Star Wars... I mean did no one read over the story and think maybe it was fucking stupid and bad? But hey at least we have more Princess Leia to look forward to using the force out of nowhere even though she's dead in real life. When she got blasted into outerspace, would've actually been a solid death scene, instead they just piled on the shit and ridiculousness.