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  1. Are they actually going to let Anthony bass pitch for us next year, or will they have the balls to cut bait & eat the $$$ ?
  2. People say free agents will want to come here, well tell me who ??
  3. it's mystifing to me why I still care.
  4. he came back just in enough time to make the plan work for Ng & Jeter (the two of them rubbing their hands). The former Yankee player & FO hack can't wait to not spend $$$ this off-season !
  5. It's looking very sad. No matter the owner it looks like they just refuse to pay for players. Well they better start hitting on some bats in the draft that can come up quickly or they'll miss their window with these pitchers.
  6. I think Jeter is under a 5 year contract as CEO....Sherman just might not renew his contract. He's still a minority owner, but with only a 5% stake in the team, should be a very silent partner...but if his contract as CEO is not renewed I think he'd part with his 5% share pretty quickly
  7. If 4/45 would have gotten it done, the motive here by this FO will be 100% clear - They are here to make a profit instead of to win.
  8. agree 100%. 2022 we cannot still be 65-70 wins. Jeter & Ng need to be moved out by Sherman, and replaced by maybe some Rays execs ?
  9. is it against CBA policy to not release players while serving a suspension ?
  10. Another thing, this team is BORING. If you chose to be cheap & rebuild for more 4 years you better produce something exciting. This team, especially after the deadline, is the most boring sports team I've ever seen. That just kills fan interest. Did these people really not see this coming ?
  11. they haven't changed the minds of too many locals afaic. The numbers do not lie. The Marte trade just reinfoced it. Many of my co-workers now follow the Rays and almost every one of them used to follow the Marlins, a few of them were season ticket holders. When Jeter came in they had a chance to grab the community, but they fumbled that, and have squandered all of the Jeter "mystique". And this is the 9th largest metro area in the USA I believe. That is not a "small market".
  12. It's around the 20 mark
  13. I've been saying this even before the deadline.....they should collectively go to Jeter's office & demand to be traded...that might wake Jeter up
  14. A question....Are Kim Ng & Jeter smiling & high fiving right now ? They both have Yankee blood
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