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  1. Another thing, this team is BORING. If you chose to be cheap & rebuild for more 4 years you better produce something exciting. This team, especially after the deadline, is the most boring sports team I've ever seen. That just kills fan interest. Did these people really not see this coming ?
  2. they haven't changed the minds of too many locals afaic. The numbers do not lie. The Marte trade just reinfoced it. Many of my co-workers now follow the Rays and almost every one of them used to follow the Marlins, a few of them were season ticket holders. When Jeter came in they had a chance to grab the community, but they fumbled that, and have squandered all of the Jeter "mystique". And this is the 9th largest metro area in the USA I believe. That is not a "small market".
  3. I've been saying this even before the deadline.....they should collectively go to Jeter's office & demand to be traded...that might wake Jeter up
  4. A question....Are Kim Ng & Jeter smiling & high fiving right now ? They both have Yankee blood
  5. Just cancel the rest of the season....this is so painful to watch
  6. supposedly it was the poison pill to have to pay if MLB decided to move the Marlins out of loandepot.park before the end of the lease...because that would leave the county/city an empty building they are still paying bonds on
  7. that's probably why it hasn't been done yet....
  8. that will not happen....the stadium lease prevents it. The financial ramifications are to onerous. They have to compensate City of Miami & Miami-Dade County (50% EACH) for the equal value of the Marlins, IIRC. They still have 19 years left on the lease. That is unless MLB puts in the money to do it....it would make some sense, because it would give the Rays a place to move.
  9. I'm not sure. If I was a free agent that wanted to win, I wouldn't take a look at the Marlins....I'm just wondering why any of continue to give a shit about them...
  10. so can we win 65 this year with no power except Ags & BA in the lineup ? I mean our offese way pretty poor already, just where are we going to get any offense from now ? Is this front office really trying to ever build a winner at the MLB level ? I really do have to question it.
  11. I have - just one bite and that was enough. It's disgusting
  12. yeah, I guess you're right, but here we are once again, always the seller & almost never the buyer. It's just frustrating
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