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  1. truth, after seeing the results of her "new bullpen" I expect the worst
  2. truth, after seeing the results of her "new bullpen" I expect the worst
  3. 5,000 fans a home game, and many games the opposite team has more fans in attendance should be giving them the message, Project Wolverine is and has been a fail. I too believe the luster of Jeter has worn off. No one is coming here to play for him. They have buried themselves with their arrogance and it's the fans that have to suffer....if they stay fans.
  4. Kim Ng & Jeter rubbing hands together - revenge for 2003 is almost complete. But Marlins fans still need to feel more pain
  5. if the DH coming, and all indications are it is, signing him for that future consideration might be worth it
  6. this still begs the question, who is starting for us & why haven't we signed anyone in FA ?
  7. Well at least the guys will know how to stack their stuff correctly if they ever take the bans off !
  8. and so I'm supposed to never talk about the 800 lb gorilla that hangs around this franchise, choking it to death ?
  9. No, what really makes no sense is to own a team, you either are to cheap to spend on a real payroll, or you can't afford to run it properly. And blaming the public for not filling your new stadium, after 7 straight losing seasons, for your not being able to afford a real payroll is ludicrous and really galling. No wonder the other owners started grumbling this year when they had to cut Loria his welfare checks.
  10. they were NEVER intending to sign him, even if people BELIEVE they made him an offer last year that was "supposedly" fair. This is a Boras client, and when they signed him, anyone with common sense knew he was never signing that extention - Boras clients never do that, and almost always go through full arbitration I believe. So you either believe Loria & Samson are that stupid, or they knew they would never sign him to a long-term. I think the speed at which he raced through the organization threw them for a loop and they thought he might be in the Minors a year or two longer, and been used as a trading chip for, (sigh) younger prospects. You know, it's "The Marlins Way"
  11. You think the new TV deal will make him change his miserly ways ? :lol
  12. Well hopefully the Grinch that stole baseball will have sold the team by then
  13. Your mistake was believing him...tsk tsk tsk.
  14. It might make you better, but even with Stanton & José all year, I doubt this club would have won 84-87 which is close enough to thinking about being a contender. Let's be reminded we finished 20 games under .500
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