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  1. ​Ahh yes. We overrate the ROOKIE catcher. Sure there are a bunch of guys better than him, but he's still a very solid player for a position that has been lacking in recent years. At least he's not Paulino/Buck/Solano/Trainor/Baker/Salty/Mathis
  2. ​How unlucky is it? Are his number actually pretty good? I'm not all too sure
  3. ​lolololol that totally could have happened today though
  4. Raise your Martin Dongers everyone!
  5. That was a strike Solano! CATCH IT
  6. Keep forgetting that Solano is hitting after Hech today. Keep expecting the pitchers spot
  7. Y'know what? I really like Dyson in the pen. Dude has great stuff, and the movement is just so nice. I feel like him, Capps, and Ramos are the only ones I can trust right now 2.23 FIP is impressive as well
  8. New FSU colored hat. It's glorious
  9. ​Bottom of the order coming up though
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