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  1. Been lurking on this website (previously under a slightly different username) since 2003. Fan since the very beginning. During the season, I’m here reading posts and staying updated multiple times a day. No one I talk to on a daily basis cares about baseball, let alone the Marlins, so my Fish family is a pretty small circle consisting of my dad and the people here. To those of you who take the time to post news, insights, and reactions to this team we love so much, thank you. You’re a big part of my day and a huge reason why I’m so into the Marlins.
  2. I live in West Palm and the game’s not on for me. My provider’s AT&T. Just show’s a blacked out Magic-Raptors game. Anyone know what the issue is? I was hyped to learn every game would be broadcast this year, but this is the second time this has happened.
  3. I like the way it’s shaping up. Seems to have a lot of similarities with the Tennessee Titans’ color scheme.
  4. Just saw this posted on Reddit: “Hey everybody, this is Ely Sussman, managing editor at Fish Stripes. I spoke with the Marlins this morning. This is their official stance on the logo: ‘The club has not once said we are changing the logo or uniforms. Everything that has been discussed has been speculation. Not going to comment on rumors.’ In other words, no announcement today.”
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