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  1. Great series all around without much of anything to complain about. Tonight, watching them answer back every time Baltimore scores was like watching a masterpiece. Can’t remember a team in the past that felt like this before. Really really hoping this team can continue playing like this!
  2. I'm always down for a discussion, no problem. The Hoyt metrics are pretty interesting. Thanks for explaining that. Hopefully he continues to perform up to his career numbers and we hit big with him and Bleier. I admitted later on Brinson's approach of locating pitches did seem to improve, but I agree that confidence in his swing definitely doesnt seem to be all there just yet. Hopefully its more nerves of facing real action after a long layoff and he starts to get into the groove soon. Really want him to pan out for us.
  3. I’ll give him that. He did take a few ABs deep into the count. When I watch him swing though, it never seems to be as confident as the others in the lineup. Even Monte’s hacks at sliders down and away were confident swings. I hope he takes the next step, don’t get me wrong. I’d hate to give up on him and have him awaken on another team in the future
  4. Bleier looked sharp. Hoyt looked serviceable but was surprised to see his capping out around 87-88 for how tall he is. Swings looked fluid. Team didn’t look like they were off for 8 days which is quite amazing. Brinson still looks lost out there. Seems extra skinny too. Hopefully that was him trying to slim down and not COVID related. Wouldn’t mind seeing Sierra or Alverez in the lineup tomorrow over him. Monte hacking away. Hopefully tomorrow the nerves are gone and he can focus and be a little more patient and the plate.
  5. No way all this was done before last season. Why go through all the Dimelo surveys about colors, logo, etc of it was already predetermined before 2018 started? Your logo letter AND character can’t both be black! And where the hell is red coming from as an accent color. I have no problem with the actual logo itself but the colors are hideous.
  6. It would be interesting if the team used him exclusively as a home starter next year ?
  7. Conley: “Trade rumors?!? Hold my beer...”
  8. Dietrich's a player I don't believe will command a huge contract when he finally hits the open market. I would keep him here since's hes so versatile, can hit / has pop, and in all honesty, probably isn't going to give you back more in a trade then what hes already providing. Players like him are the ones that silently contribute for a contender.
  9. I know this season means nothing but when you see younger players step up to put you in position to win, and your veterans (Tazawa, Ziegler) are consistently screwing the pooch, it’s gut wrenching. Things like this is what creates a culture of losing. No veteran accouability.
  10. This entire series was demoralizing. Either fight from behind or up to begin the 8th and the supposed strongest part of your team, the bullpen, shits the bed all 3 games. This will be a longgggg season unless something clicks for everyone not named Dietrich or Anderson, and Realmuto / Straily get back ASAP. Im not expecting a winning season, but for god sakes give me something to look forward to if you want me to tune in every night. You’re going to lose over 100 games at this rate Don. Leave Jarlin in until the Mets show signs of catching up to him. Give me reason to watch other than a
  11. 71-91. Pitching surprises us this year.
  12. I can’t argue with that. The only reason I stated it like that is because you look at teams like the Angels with Trout, the Nats with Harper, or us with Stanton, and realize that that 1 single player cant get you to the playoffs alone. If trading 1 for 1 was to happen and in addition to that you could flip a prospect or 2 for the right pieces you need for future success, than of course where do I sign up. I just don’t trust Mike Hill to realize that’s what has to be done.
  13. I’d rather speed up the rebuilding process and suck for less often by trading JT and getting back a return similar to Yelich than prolong the pain for the next 3 to 5 years and have a 30 year old catcher who may have to play 1B for half the season because he’s too old to play full time by the time the team finally becomes competitive. With that said, I don’t agree to trading JT for one of Robles/Soto straight up because even if whoever we get becomes the next Mike Trout, they’re still just one player. My gut feeling tells me this team is still a handful of players away from having a glimpse
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