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  1. strwbrryfields

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Nimmo is a good ball player and would start immediately. But he has to be the #2-3 guy in any deal, not the lead
  2. strwbrryfields

    Peter Gammons throwing shade at the Marlins

    Gammons has largely taken the Marlins side over the years. He always defended a number of their moves and players going back to the late 90s. I'm dating myself, but he was a huge fan of the Derek Lee deal (we gave up Kevin Brown). This is weird.
  3. Incredibly graphic, I had to stop reading the paper. Horrific for all families involved.
  4. strwbrryfields

    Predict the Opening Day 25-Man Roster

    I trust that Sandy and Lewis will be in the minors come Opening Day. It would not be the end of the world if they are on the roster, but it just proves this ownership group is as incompetent with baseball moves and long-term building as Loria's
  5. strwbrryfields

    Rays sign new TV Deal

    I live in St Pete, and I agree the traffic going into Tampa is worse - but St Pete, and everywhere else, is catching up very quickly - this is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. It's an incredibly congested highway network with a massive body of water separating their population/entertainment centers, and has multiple "golden glades interchange" areas. Most of their highway infrastructure was built in the 50-60's...now it is a region with over 5 million people, and growing by 100 people a day! A lot of money is going into rebuilding the bridges, highway interchanges, express lanes, and regional transit. People will always make excuses for not going to games, but I think the Ybor City location is the right fit. I love St Pete, and it's way more entertaining then Tampa, but Ybor City makes so much sense from a location standpoint. Pasco County | Wesley Chapel (North) reminds me of West Broward 15-20 years ago, and now you the Rays can pull all of Hillsborough County, Lakeland/Polk County, Southern Hillsborough County (which is one of the fastest growing areas in the country), and even Orlando. I will miss the Rays and Opening Days at Fergs in Downtown St. Pete - but it is the right location for the long term.
  6. strwbrryfields

    Stanton traded to Yankees for Castro, Guzman and Devers

    You are so annoying, shut up, still positive you are david samson or mike hill spy
  7. strwbrryfields

    David Samson confused by Jeter so far...

    Filter...filter..."makes me feel like a man"...filter
  8. strwbrryfields

    3/1 - Marlins at Astros - 1:05 PM

    When was Nola converted to a catcher? Glad to see him become that ultimate utility piece
  9. strwbrryfields

    Healey: Bour will be mainstay at 1B

    Writing is on the wall - Realmuto will probably get the start at first 3 out of every 4 days against a lefty, meaning AJ Ellis is our "1B" platoon.
  10. strwbrryfields

    Strong push for Chapman and Jansen coming

    Took me less then 10 comments to identify the loser of this blog site Spolier Alert - Employees with lives and priorities outside of work/"game" are your best employees. See Tom Brady, Mike Piazza, Jay Leno, Wayne Gretzky, Ken Griffey Jr., Giancarlo Stanton, Martin Prado, the list goes on.
  11. strwbrryfields

    Strong push for Chapman and Jansen coming

    So Loria has decided to give Chapman a portion of what he was about to invest in Jose? So they would be saving $200M?
  12. strwbrryfields

    Edwin Encarnacion

    3 at $60? You move Bour or keep him as a 1-2 day/week starter to spell Edwin and as lefty power bat off the bench. He's a proven RBI machine and would provide protection behind Stanton. He does have those dry spells, but when Edwin is hot he's one of the best power hitters in baseball. That being said, I think he's much better suited in the American League.
  13. strwbrryfields

    CJ Wilson

    I'd rather see what CJ could do on an incentive based contract than sit through Urena/Esch/Nicolino/etc., which isn't saying much for the rotation anyways Where's Henry Rowengartner?
  14. strwbrryfields

    Your off-season shopping spree

    Can the marlins actually (finally) buy low on some pitching? Wacha would be ideal, and under club control for the next three years. I think it would take Ozuna, +more. Shelby Miller is on the same clock as Wacha, and on his first year of arbitration. I would love to see us wrestle Miller and AJ Polluck, but that's wishful thinking, Polluck is their homegrown asset. I would like to see the fish get one of those club controlled pitchers. And in a perfect world it would be beautiful to get both Aroldis and Jensen. But that takes some $$$$, and, well, you know.
  15. strwbrryfields

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    This is my point. Its about time the Marlins get a free agent or two without having to cut corners to get it done. Exactly. Moving Cishek to acquire Shields doesn't make the team that much better. It also defeats the purpose of free agency, might as well make a trade. Adding Shields without subtracting would make the team much better. Moving Cishek to acquire Shields makes the team MUCH better. 210 innings of Shields and 65 innings of someone like Capps (plus trade assets for Cishek), is better than 275 innings of Cishek, and the SP options of Phelps, Hands, Nicolino, Williams, Vagabond FA SP, etc. This is assuming the best case scenario for Cishek's replacement. What happens if, say, Capps like you proposed pitches like he did in Seattle and can't close a door? Or he loses another couple months with elbow trouble and Ramos falters under the pressure? Everyone says closers are so replaceable, and they are to an extent. But what happens when the alternatives fail? Then you wasted that great 7+ inning start by your man Shields because you couldn't protect him and that 2-run lead. It's a great idea in theory, but this is why the closer role exists. Because it's just not that easy.   No, it is really easy if the decision has to be financial and they have to shed payroll for someone like Shields.   A dominant # 2 SP who is going to pitch 210 innings is more valuable than any reliever in baseball who is going to pitch 65 innings. Period.   Even more so when the alternative is a 5th SP of some collection of Phelps/Hand/Nicolino (which is a hope and prayer until Fernandez is back), versus being able to insert someone as the 5th RHP on the team like Capps or Dyson (which is really solid at a minimum. Ramos, Morris, Crow, and Koehler/Phelps would all get more important innings and be fine).    Respectfully, stop it. We all like Cishek. Really, we do. But he is a luxury on a bottom 5 payroll team and a legitimate SP is worth significantly more than him to this team right now. If the choice is keep Cishek, or trade him for salary to sign Shields, it's an absolute no brainer. And that's not including they would get a pretty good player for Cishek too.    MarlinsLou let me start with youre the reason I read this blog; your insight is second to none. I want to understand what you are implying...   Trading Cishek sheds Arb 2 & 3...that still doesnt cover the cost of Shields - so what you are assuming is that if we sign Shields it is all in (or nothing) this year? Because it is obvious the Marlins FO will never entertain a 5 year contract for a 33 y/o pitcher unless they had the intention to sell? Unless they were able to "fine detail" the contract with a buyout after year 2 or 3?

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