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  1. is that what you were thinking in the shower ?
  2. I don't so fakes except for my Rolex and some jerseys
  3. it's a multiverse of possibilities
  4. yes we all know that, except @Michael but your blood elevates every time another team does a signing or trade , if you're not happy in this forum I'll welcome you to Giantsbaseball.com we don't have a taiwangiants
  5. Tell that to @taiwancardinals
  6. Cardinals fans Happy ? Arizona fans Happy ? Brewers fans Happy ? Rockies fans Happy ? Giants fans Happy ?
  7. how's @taiwanmarlin blood pressure
  8. he will also be the only player in history to wear three diff Marlins unis
  9. you know what's coming when you start replying to your self
  10. why y'all drooling over Contreras ?
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