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  1. Bass shitting all over ....again
  2. only the Marlins can make the Pirates a contending playoff team
  3. where's that Pun-isher when you need him ?
  4. if he's a joke how come he doesn't make me laugh
  5. Laywin with anotha dong
  6. he's always in the "let's sign anyone" mood
  7. you know very well he wants the Marlins to sign the entire FA class
  8. tough break for Lizard
  9. De La Fuego with anotha hit
  10. oh Ok cause I called him Lizard once but it was the autocorrect's fault too , but for a sec I thought the name stuck around
  11. don't get cocky Fedde
  12. who coined him that name ?
  13. oh Jazz shitting the game for Sandy
  14. I don't want to see this shit packed with bandwagoners when the team start winning next season
  15. and that's a wrap, Suck it Braves
  16. If De la Cruz keeps it up I'm not sure we would need Marte back
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