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  1. 7:05 dumb ass , I need to time to reload on popcorn and pizza
  2. He better do it in 5 mins or less my other game is about to start
  3. They’re kinda are , all those WS and Division titles and only one WS title to show for it
  4. Hell Yeah !!!! Take that fucking Braves
  5. Why Mattingly insist on putting Bass on the 8th ????? Like he doesn’t get it
  6. Killer B Anthony Bass takes the 8th again
  7. the last 6 outs are going to be a pain me thinks
  8. how is it possible that focker Acuna always finds a way to fuck us
  9. was Laywin ripping the minors before being called up ?
  10. not sure what's his situation TBH , but he should be released and never play at MLB again
  11. is that an Ozuna decoy at LF for the Braves ?
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