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  1. Completely fair. I am just not seeing where to go.
  2. Honestly. I don't really like anyone on the FA market. I want to see a full season of Harold, Jazz, and Sierra. Put JP and Sierra and in an apartment together and teaching him a swinging bunt. Ew. It would be Castillo JP all over again. A lineup of Berti/Jazz 2B Marte OF Aguilar/Coop 1B Rojas SS BA 3B HOT BAT/MATCHUP HOT BAT/MATCHUP CATCHER...Alf and Wallach Sierra/Harold OF Bench: Diaz (2nd), Dickerson, Harrison, Sanchez? As for catching...I just don't think you give up on Alf. While I would love to get a good b
  3. 1. Avoid trades with the Yanks because more often than not they trade high because they can afford to absorb risk. 2. ...regardless...the Yankees love their "options." Anderson and Sierra PLUS two throw ins ain't going to cut it. 3. They don't need 1234125728354 position players. They will want pitching. 4. BA is way more valuable to our team than he is to any other team. 5. If they have soured on anyone it is Andujar...and I'll bet he gets traded and the Yanks will win that trade.
  4. Lots of game left. BUT...they had my faith out on loan. I am calling in that debt.
  5. I mean. I don't have a lot of faith in this team. These last few games have just felt blah. Plus listen to those fans...they are so excited!
  6. This is totally get turned to a ball.
  7. How nice would this narrative be: That catch settles Sixto down. He starts pitching like a man on a mission. Offense saves the day.
  8. Soooo...having problem with the K-zone.
  9. We deserve this root canal after how mean everyone was to Acuna.
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