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  1. Anyone got that B.A top 100 list? 6 Marlins on there...
  2. Just a thought. With the young international signings...perhaps we are now more comfortable with giving up Salas... ...widens the door on Contra. ...this might be support with gif he just put up on instagram...of him hitting a bomb dead center at Marlins Park
  3. I think Frisaro said recently that this and the failure to secure a TV deal really put the squeeze on them in the short term.
  4. No - I appreciate the input.
  5. Interesting take. So then this is almost PR to help keep the payroll low and in turn keep them more lucrative? Or are you saying this is same outside narrative that has always been built around the team? Not questioning - just interested in your opinion.
  6. It means that the Marlins know they need another bat and are looking at options.
  7. Ha. So matter of fact. And completly fair. That really made me laugh. I've said this before: I just want a sure...er...thing. Perhaps UNironically, because fandom lends itself to blowhards...regardless of my own blustery language, I am giving this product a chance and buying it again.
  8. So. My spidey senses tell me that this this is a fake account...or at least someone from this forum who thinks they are making a point... ...But I'll bite. I'm not sure it is fair to call this rebuild messed up...we are in the rebuild still. The pitching looks like it could be something...conversely...Yes...players in this mix...Dias, Hector, BA, Jazz, and Bleday need to take a step forward. However, let's not call 23, 24, and 25 year old players mediocre. I bet there are talented players in this group. Now, is it enough to compete with Braves, Nats, Phils, and now Mets...I'm no
  9. I think that really minimized the point I was making and I don't want that to be attributed to me. I don't I need them to sign an aging vet and doing so does not equal winning - to me. If I had to minimize my point...I'd like to see them win and I am not satisfied with accepting the good will that I am told I should have - just because I am told I should. I have expectations...because like Jeter...I want to win. And I hope you don't misread my tone or anything...I know you want this as much as I. Ps. I am an atheist. I have no faith. 😩
  10. I think it is (becoming) a fluke because the Mets, Nats, and Phillies underperformed, and the Marlins aren't responding to what is happening in the league. The Mets have addressed many of their issues...and don't seem to be done. The Nationals have a window still. But...to be fair...I am not so sure what we will see. The Braves...oof. The Phils...I fully expect to be better than their 2019 and 2020 and there is too much talent on that roster believe otherwise. The Fish are looking at a 3-5 finish in the division. This is largely because they don't have a lot of protect
  11. Yes. Where am I? I am looking for a Mr. Jeffrey Core...nime?
  12. We have all been there...and he really isn't wrong. The Mets have spent 3x's the payroll of the Marlins. That is wild. On the other hand, The Fish can't even get a TV deal done and signed...Sandy Leon...it is embarrassing. It won't get easier. Marlins are looking at a last place finish...I am sure that will help the fan base and getting a better deal. I am not saying I have answers...but...when you are a small market team and operate from "behind" you end up trading your superstar for money and a lottery ticket.
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