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  1. Reminder...they are starting Isan and Jackson...playing Brinson and Alfaro...and all making A LOT of money. Even those players are making six figures. Jackson: 4.8 MILLION over 3 years ($202,000 this year) Isan: 1.5 million over 3 years ($398,000 this year) Brinson: $3,312,329 over 5 years ($423,000 this year) Alfaro: $4,926,379 over 6 years ($2 million this year) How was your work week? Stop wasting your time on this garbage. Even if they win...they are better off tanking.
  2. I feel like you guys hate this team equally and are having a little poor communication. Don't worry - we are all equally sick of this awful excuse of a team and all the money and perks Jeter and Co. are getting with owning this team...while we suffer.
  3. If this guy is nearsighted and no one suggested this till now...heads need to fricken roll.
  4. Yes...ok...but who are they spending on? They aren't getting anyone who is changing this whole lineup in FA. Also consider that any players they would make moves on would likely require QO compensation...something the Marlins have historically been very protective of...in my opinion this is due to those tight pockets and the monetary value they place on picks. Their best chance of flipping the script is trading for a hitter. Something I don't trust them to do at all. And even if they hit on the trade...does everyone expect Aguilar to keep this up? Jazz to take another step? Rojas to play beyond his age? I said this same thing last offseason on these forums and felt pessimistic. This time I think I'm being reasonable in saying everyone shouldn't have high expectations...this front office has told us this. I don't trust us as a fanbase to not be reactionary...good or bad. Look no further than BA. He was out half the season with injury and this opened a debate of whether we should upgrade 3rd base. The people who were going to leave already left and any of us who are frustrated will just hibernate until they dangle the carrot again. Edit: What needs to happen if they are going to be at all successful is Bleday and Griffin need to become above average players...at least regional/undertheradar stars. Jazz and De La Cruz need to be the best or greatest versions of themselves.
  5. I don't disagree. But really...after all the fire sales and losing years...I can't see how THIS would be the last straw. We are still posting. The Marlins fan twitter has been hysterical this year. I can't see that suddenly change next year when still do nothing and win 75 games.
  6. I just don't see the incentive. From a business standpoint they are proving they can make money without throwing the fanbase a bone. And who is really out there...especially a bat that with truly impact this lineup? Bryant? Semien? I'll never quit on the team - I just think they need so much help that they will try to tread water and maybe try to catch lightning with more low risk players...again... because their business model seems to be based on this. It's the same cycle.
  7. This team is two or more years away from being competitive. There is no reason to sign anyone next year. They are better off tanking again.
  8. It isn't anymore. They will pump this "do or die season" BS out so that when they are terrible next year they can fire Don and buy themselves another year. How many teams in the history the MLB have gone from last in their division to a playoff contender? Curb your expectations.
  9. Jesus. Why is he even in the lineup...let alone batting 3rd?
  10. I feel like as lucky as they were last year with calls...it has been the complete opposite this year.
  11. Another telegraph. So they don't have alot of clear options for catcher or cf...they can't build a winning product next year...they are "forced" to fire Don...the new manager doesn't start till 2023 and probably gets a chance to figure it out through 2024. Really they have bought themselves another two years of this bullshit.
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