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  1. Yea. Ridiculous. But they telegraphed the plan to "build for the future" in offseason. I can't imagine anything will magically change leading up to next season. Makes the pauper moves ever more glaring when it is proven that no one wants any of the former top prospects and AAAA players that have cleverly been packed into this team.
  2. Hah...it is happening...this team is so predictable. I almost feel bad for Mish...he gets sucked in every time.
  3. C'mon the Mets just got Baez...I am sure Jeets and company will respond with another deal that saves them a few million and a press conference about how this puts them in the position to win long term. You know...exactly what fans hope for when they follow a team...
  4. It's always for a former well thought of prospect...better off holding on to Duvall than take on another random player. This guy is a AAAA player. Here is a fan sided on him: Alex Jackson
  5. We are lucky to have Mish. I don't think he would lie or exaggerate...I think he operates on the information he receives.
  6. That can mean anything... "Wow...that was meaningless." "Wow.,..same old Marlins." "Wow...I can't wait for next year."
  7. It is all such a coin flip...but after Alfaro and Brinson...and Monte and Diaz...please try to give me someone that I trust in this lineup to replace the guy they just got rid of.
  8. This is oddly terrifying.
  9. A bunch of Floridians and no one says key lime pie?
  10. That's silly and overly sensitive...you're fine. Chill.
  11. "Black" isn't racist until you say "pardon me if that sounds racist" like you are whispering your point over Cracker Barrel country fried steaks. Just say black citizens or black population.
  12. Without bringing in some bullpen and bat help...no. And at this point it will be at a premium. None of this should be a surprise when some of the louder voices in this forum and fanbase said they didn't need to compete till 2022. The front office mapped this out. This is what a freebie season looks like. They should have been active in the offseason. I doubt they will bring in help now.
  13. Sours are awesome. Monkey Chased The Weasel from Carton Brewing. I don't know if they are all way into Brooklyn yet but they have pretty decent distribution in the Tristate area. A brewery out of Middletown, NJ if you wanted to check them out. Pretty easy to get to for you. You can take sea streak ferry into Atlantic Highlands...couple if dive bars in walking distance, too. You could even uber to Kane brewing or go into Asbury. Anyways...its a sour made with mulberries. It's real good and super tart. If you see anything from Off Color Brewing. They have some really pretty good sours, too.
  14. Don would probably take the plot from an old Twilight Zone episode, too.
  15. Ok ok...move along. Nothing to see here.
  16. It really feels like the doom and gloom is coming...
  17. Has there been a review that has gone Don's way this season?
  18. Happy with the week...but we could have a better a record. They are treading water and then bringing up everyone in July. It is so dumb and predictable and we have no way to push back against it. <insert person who will argue why it makes financial sense for the Marlins to hold off bringing players up> K. Kewl!
  19. Zach Thompson spins a gem. Dickerson swings big dong. Bleier continues to look like a confused dad who is wondering how he got forced into pitching in his sons little league game...he's got very important calls to make GINA! THEY ARE TIME SENSITIVE!
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