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  1. Apparently flyball pitchers who can swing a bat are not want this forum wants.
  2. Jesus Christ. This team is mind boggling...
  3. Ok angry guy... speaking as a guy who lives in the North East and is forced to listen daily updates on these guys I don't think this package is that good. I also don't have as much faith in the "can't miss" prospects from the Yankee farm system especially because it hasn't produced any top talent in 20 years.
  4. As long as they don't trade with the Yankees or Detroit.
  5. Half making a point...half serious.
  6. Why not flip seager at that point?
  7. Does this make them better? how the hell did the Mets leap frog the Marlins...this team is really boned.
  8. In the past 20 years they have trade 1 primo-talented piece...Ted Lilly. everything else has turned to be decent talent...but...you will never score huge traded with the Yankees. They get rid of expendable fat... And because I know how to source my points... http://baseballnewssource.com/new-york-yankees/former-yankees-prospects-making-impact-around-major-leagues/6944/
  9. If they had game changing talent...they would be playing... It is the same thing everytime, these teams dangle talent for a few years until they trade them for a star player. The star plays great...the talent disappears... That Ian Kennedy 3-way trade is a perfect example...Kennedy Jackson and Coke...mediocre talent...meanwhile schrerzer and grandy went to DETROIT and Nyc!!
  10. Do they? I'm so sick of everyone thinking these teams have talent... Everyone that is traded from these teams bust...they have have so so farm systems, incredible PR staffs, and they are symbiotically attached to the MLB...when they win the MLB does, too.
  11. I think it is more like..."you can fuck my hot wife for the rest of my life...if you give me your car and house."
  12. This is completely on the Marlins. ...if they opened the wallet and took a risk on their own money instead of using us...we wouldnt need to gamble on POTENTIALLY division altering trades. That Miggy trade looked can't miss, too.
  13. Do you have any insight on any of this?
  14. Sooooo definitely the Nationals then...
  15. Low risk, low reward. This is not a game changer but gives them another pitcher.
  16. If someone was holding a knife at me and telling me to step closer because they wanted to buy me dinner...I am pretty sure I would believe the knife.... This team is really boned. I really cannot figure out how they claim to be trying to win in 2016 with this team and making zero effort other than cutting their injured number 2 starter. I cannot figure out why anyone would believe anything they said. I think they have to pretend they are interested in making a push until someone gets desperate enough for Jose. This is all posturing.
  17. This team has no chance of contending in 2016...so get that out of your system. The current team is 3 years away without help...and will be the most frustrating thing to watch. If we did the trade we would be fun to watch and 1 year away.
  18. I would argue there has been more energy focused on fielding a lucrative business while providing the appearance of a competitive team.
  19. But is Gammons doing the right thing? He is no better than Passan...they are both propagating a lie. Stories should be objective: "Here's what he has done...none of it has worked..." The truth is that there is no story here and really SI or some other source...Gammons directly?...was probably told they would get access...and access equals money. Publicity equals money. Win-win...Marlins keep people talking...Gammons meets his writing quota with a pretty vanilla fluff piece. ....again this is not a defense of Passan. It's even easier to write a nasty article full of vitriol and poison.
  20. And then tore it down...and it's been baseball purgatory since then.
  21. Isn't he just an older worser Hendy with 2 seasons of question marks?
  22. ...but he hasn't done anything positive yet...
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