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  1. It takes a little longer for Joe because he is paid by the Marlins. Before he posts anything he has to wait for legal to edit it. Then he needs Loria's secretary's permission. ...just like all good journalism.
  2. Kyle Kendrick and Gallardo. cheaper/better options then Fister and Zimmerman.
  3. Any word on who the front office is after? The Marlins acknowledge that they haven’t done the best job of putting their payroll to use in building around their young core in recent years, as Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald writes. Pitching is the major need, according to president David Samson, who says he feels the organization has “three of the top ten players in baseball” — referring to Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Fernandez, and Dee Gordon. Per Jackson, Miami would go up to $15MM a year on the right starting pitcher, though the team is more likely to spend in the $12MM to $15MM range. (He calls Yovani Gallardo an “interesting option in the high end of that range.”) Of course, trades are also possible, and Marcell Ozuna appears to represent a big chip with the organization seemingly unconvinced that he’s a piece worth keeping. Miami is chasing two pitchers, says Jackson, one of whom could come from a deal involving Ozuna.
  4. Zimmerman Fister wastes of money. Kendrick will produced the same results for less money. It's like we are detirmined to LOOK we are trying...but really hoping to tank.
  5. I mean what is Don's motivation? With no Hendy...this team has exactly zero chance of even competing next year. You have Fernandez...if he can ever stay on the field...ahem JJ? Then 3 MAYBE number 5's? This team is so boned.
  6. He was just so awesomely surly. Maybe it's just an oversight?
  7. Is Butler still going to be the outfield and running coach?
  8. I would love if Mattingly is bringing Grienke... ...but if Gallardo could comes here that would be pretty good.
  9. Latos and Haren look like hot garbage... so there's that...
  10. To say they are a division rival would mean the Marlins were more than an afterthought. The Marlins have no division rivals...the very idea that they are competitive enough have a rival is laughable. The Marlins are a joke and exist merely to help good teams pad stats, provide a place to stash MLB talent until its "rosterable" on an actual franchise, and to serve as a comparable baseline in the MLB machine.
  11. When they move the team out of Miami they can sell the park to Beckham and MLS...make further profit... This would also explain why they haven't sold the name rights and are keeping businesses out of the their owned property...
  12. From a business standpoint why would Loria get rid of anyone? They are making millions…the paint is still drying on the new stadium…they have a new TV coming and they haven't even sold naming rights yet. They don't have to do a thing and the money is rolling in…Loria is probably happier than Red Grooms. On paper the Marlins are a perfectly run business and that is all that counts.
  13. This team is going to be terrible next year too. With Nats, Mets, and Phillies already looking better for next year, there is no combination of FA's that can fix this mess... …not that we would ever spend the money if there were.
  14. I think you have a unique way of minimizing the situation. I think people are upset that the Marlins are 20 games under .500.
  15. An injured .250 hitter with some power? Soooo...Dietrich?
  16. How pissed will everyone be when we trade Haran and Capps to shed payroll?
  17. they have money...and we love money. Money can pitch, right?
  18. Jesus...spare me what over inflated gift-bowed garbage they are going to trick us into taking ala any prospect they have ever traded.
  19. 1. All teams are stacking up against us...we are in second to last place. And the scotch tape band-aid they slap on the alley stabbing during the off season isn't going to bring us to relevancy against a better Phillies, Braves, and Jay Bruce's Mets. 2. What shaped do you think this team is in? It seems to me it fits the shape of the container it's in and that stadium is starting to look a lot like a toilet. 3. Depth is the ONLY way a team can survive 162 games. The Nats are proof. Christ the Yankees are proof. When the FO starts explaining its failures and how they "really tried" and "believe in South Florida culture"...you know despite all the dumpster diving...we can all sit around and think about how fun it was to watch 2 great and 7 above average players teach baseball to 15 other players while never winning anything. In the end baseball is about the game, right? Loria is just giving us the product that we want...rectally.
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