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  1. well....keep moving folks....nothing to see here... Haha
  2. Cbs Sports Article excerpt: 3. The Dodgers "bought" another draft pick. Earlier this year, the Dodgers essentially bought a 2015 draft pick. They acquired the 74th overall selection from the Orioles by taking on Ryan Webb's contract ($2.69 million), which the O's no longer wanted on the books. Webb was released by the Dodgers soon after the trade. As this trade and the Webb trade show, Los Angeles is using their financial might by taking on bad contracts from other teams, as long as they throw in a draft pick. It's a smart strategy for a huge market team. 4. The Marlins have traded three draft picks in three years. For the third time in three years, the Marlins have traded their competitive balance lottery pick. Their traded their 2014 pick to the Pirates for Bryan Morris, their 2015 pick to the Astros in the Jarred Cosart trade, and their 2016 pick to the Dodgers for salary relief. I'm not opposed to trading draft picks for actual MLB players, but using it to shed a contract like with Morse? That shows the system is not working as designed. The competitive balance lottery pick system was implemented to help small market teams add prospects, not sell off for financial relief.
  3. The crazy part is that this team is making millions! We are talking about reinvesting when the real money they are making isn't even being addressed! The closest example I have is to car insurance...the insurance company doesn't make money on your premium...they offset the costs of your potential losses on the first term of your premium. The real money they make is when they invest a percentage of your premium in stocks and bonds... ...by the time they raise your rates and you get pissed off enough to leave...they have doubled or tripled your premium and planned...even hoped...you would leave.
  4. I think that these things should be mutually exclusive... The money they use on players they trade should be reinvested in the team.. The money they make on selling picks and slots she be used on resigning/signing players they have.
  5. It boggles my mind how quickly the Dodgers became the gem of a city once McCourt was pushed out. If someone could just record Loria saying something racist or offensive...this nightmare might end.
  6. @Admin tell me you have some sage-like insight... honest opinion...is this ever going to get better? It really seems like we keep getting tricked into thinking they are moving forward when in actuality they are just selling picks and international slots... whats worse is that other teams seem to know this...we are setting the bar for other teams to make value on lesser prospects... The "real fan" response is probably "leave we don't need you here"...but I don't want to wake up feeling like I got Expo'ed...I don't think the "real fan" wants to either...
  7. I love how bitter and angry he is all the time. I picture him sitting in cluttered dimly lit room with a fifth of bourbon staring at an image of Loria's face with dart holes. He's not the hero we want...but he is the hero that I am ok with...despite the fact his not being a complete Frisaro is getting us zero help either.
  8. In a perfect world... We sign Gallardo, Asdrubal Cabrera, and resign Mcgehee this offseason. Rhode Island…neither a road…nor an Island…talk amongst yourselves.
  9. dude. Strausburg is an ace on any team...he's been injured all season. Harper is doing what he's doing while playing through knee injuries
  10. no no...I agree that it hurt. But the truth is we were and are a mediocre team even with them. Ie Mariners...Rockies...Hell...Johan Mets even... ::edit:: also...Harper has lost time this season and Strausburg and Fister have been out. Toss in Rendon AND Werth...that team is still leading despite not running away with it...because they are a good DEEP team
  11. We are not signing anyone. Don't get me wrong...the sh** I would eat out of Loria's a** if he just opened his wallet and gave me a playoff baseball team... but... The only time the team did...it was an abysmal failure that the front office would have you believe they are still paying for in one conversation, but meanwhile was a keen business decision in another conversation. I really hope hockey is better this year.
  12. Losers are exposed by their lack of depth... Without the injuries this team was still mediocre...and now we are trading off the same risky pieces...that never came through...for even worse gambles, as they have even less of a chance of coming through. This team is starting to remind me of the years King Felix wasted away on the Mariners...or the more recent spoiled could have been Rockies team... but... Thanks to your name, your point was a VALID point nonetheless.
  13. Bour in Center seems a little donk. I genuinely believe Mcgehee is just better here. Sometimes baseball doesn't make sense...but I feel like he should just sink with this ship. But it doesn't really matter...this team can't compete. We are set up for a mediocre to bad 2016 and mediocre 2017.
  14. Mr. Tastee and The Adventures of Pete and Pete is sacred childhood cannon. Dan Jennings and this front office have already sullied one part of my childhood... ...this association will likely destroy another.
  15. Good thing they didn't spend any of that money on free agents. I was nervous about how much money they have been spending so I'm glad they found a way to save some over the long term.
  16. This is nuts. …I am really glad Yelich looks like he is back to normal. I really want him here for a long time…I was disappointed for a bit there.
  17. Tommy and Rich in unison yelled out, "geez" and "unbelie..." Before the commercial cut in. Its nice to hear they wanted to strangle Dunn, too. #murder #friendship
  18. Ha! Had to come here to say this... Did everyone else hear them scoff in disappoint on the "hot" mics as they went to commercial...awesome. ps. Yelich is the man...I take back my mean comments about him.
  19. Anything we get from the Yankees or Red Sox will be garbage... Perennial playoff contenders don't have great farms...the have great PR. If there was anything of value on these teams...they would be playing in the major. ...this won't end well.
  20. Serious question...maybe this deserves to be its own topic...what do the Marlins needs to be contenders? No outrageous trades...be reasonable. To be contenders in 2016...what needs to happen? Who needs to go? What minor leaguers need to pan out? What Free Agents need to adorn the Cuban Rainbow?
  21. Sell everything. stockpile picks and players. ...and for god sakes spend some money on the international market! On anyone. The stadium is in the capital of Cuba and your only marketable Cuban is Jose! Pathetic. I'm a white guy in NJ and even I am having an identity crisis. Trade one of Ozuna or Yelich. Get rid of Latos Cishek Ramos Dunn Dyson Morris Capps Haren Cosart/Koehler....actually minor league prospects in a or aa. bring up anyone...tank. Then maybe sign justin Upton...and they can pretend we are contenders next year...make money off our faith again...And in five years we do it again with Stanton. 5 year plan. Done.
  22. Fill 'er up again... I watch because I hate myself. lets have a good game.
  23. I suppose I should respond in order to respect the discourse... I think what we have have is a case of moving the scale to fit the argument. I really don't want to go through the effort of recanting some of comments, nor do I want to say precisely who I would want to move and why...instead I wish to say we should move anything that isn't nailed down. But...for the discourse... You wouldn't trade them both, as you so eloquently put it, "That would be stupid." You trade Ozuna because what is the point of keeping him? We are not winning this year. Dare I say we aren't looking good next year without work either. He will get you a farm system. Also, you signed Yelich to a contract so you aren't going to trade him and his 'best swing in baseball.' Anyone else feel like you are watching Cameron Maybin all over again? You trade Cishek because what is the point of keeping him? They are not signing him...because history. Backend pitching is in high demand. You can and will get an overpay for him. And who cares if he is controllable? So is a minor league prospect...For that case...sign any available free agent pitcher and trade Ramos, too. I would rather shoot for 2nd overall than pretend we are even in the conversation. To be frank, I don't know why you keep anyone? Keep Jose in rehab. Send Hendy for surgery. Trade Cosart even. We are not suddenly going to get good. We all need to stop buying into this "we are a good young team" or "we will get better" mentality. There is no difference between us hearing about we are "Right there" and hearing about Yelich having the best swing in baseball. It just like when we heard about how Jesus Montero is a beast and one of the best prospects in all of baseball. How did that turn out? Great for the yanks...I would love Pineda on this team. Better than Cosart. It's PR. Advertising. It's a business. The only difference is the Yanks use their PR team to trick other teams...the Marlins use their to trick their own fans because no one else is buying. Please don't read into my tone...the internet makes it hard to sound like you are not yelling. The only thing that I am actually annoyed by is please...next time you need a transition for your next thought don't use heckling someone's joke...especially after you piddled a three paragraph diatribe explaining why you disagree with said person's comments...and especially if it is right before you conclude your statement by conceding that you agree with them in saying, "we need to trade our players."
  24. I might be taking a risk with another comment... Does anyone else foresee the terrible trade that Marlins will make for AROD? The overpay will be something like Ozuna Koehler Capps Few Million and maybe international draft cash. Heck they might toss in one of Dietrich or Prado as a dump. They claim he is there to teach Stanton. Marlins sellout a bunch of games. And Jerseys. AROD inevitably fades. We still don't make the playoffs.
  25. I never comment. But... This team is terrible. Sign Ichiro. Trade Ozuna. a Boris player won't sign with us. Get a good prospect or two. Trade Haren. Latos. Cishek. Koehler. Prado. Dietrich. For whatever they can get. The only reason this is being dragged out is for marketing purposes. Good business. It's awesome that Stanton could feasibly end with more home runs than the team has wins. Don't worry...Marlins marketing will jam that down our collective throats, too.
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