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  1. Props. to OP for the titling of this post...kept my Marlins related fatigue to a manageable level. Thank you.
  2. That was fun. I like winning...let's do more of that!
  3. People were discussing how bad the Rockies have been this year...now we are playing them...one game better...and with a chance of ending the series with a worse record. What a time to be alive!
  4. Christ. We could have just forced Isan into the Berti role. Hell at this point with the way they don't want to rid themselves of the Brinson albatross...might as well gave him the bench/util guy. At least it might have raised his value.
  5. This does not look like a team that is making the playoffs this year or next... By year three...is Marte...at 34/35...the same player? So...what is the point of keeping him?
  6. They should absolutely trade him. This team is not making the playoffs next year...what is the point of keeping him? As @Rydawgpoints out...centerfielders who have already had an extended IL tour this year...don't keep getting better. Love that the Giants and Red Sox have come back into relevancy and the Miami Flounders are back to debating what a firesale is.
  7. Going for two. This team is a juggernaut!!!
  8. Playoff bound, BABY!
  9. Don is doing exactly what the front office wants with exactly what they gave him. Seems unnecessary to fire him. They are a shitty team. Everyone needs to get to August...they will be playing good ball then and everyone can pretend they have a chance. Just like they did before the season started. Not sure he deserve to lose his job because he believes in his players. And not sure the mob knows where to ain their torches.
  10. Fyi. This team has 3 more wins than the Pirates. It would be embarrassing if it weren't exactly what a handful of people here predicted back in January. The company will accept that sweet sweet city connect uniform money though. #305ontherise
  11. Boring team with a losing record.
  12. This is exactly what many around here defensively picked fight over.
  13. Yea...this is nuts. There are options. But this is what you get when the front office has permission to be competitive next year. Primo Marlins "being cute"...Rogers pitch hitting halfway through the game and Alfaro in the outfield is absurd.
  14. Well you must be doing it wrong because they are all getting hurt.
  15. Ups and downs. Really happy about these ups. Need another bat and can't afford to lose anymore. Hopefully, Andy is ok. Good win. Go Panthers.
  16. I think everyone needed that.
  18. This team finds ways to lose. Bad calls happen...losing teams talk about how life is unfair. Move on and win.
  19. This. And when everyone is satisfied that they are "growing" then you give a front office permission to field mediocrity. It's the same sh-- with more caliente red. Enough of the excuses...Jazz is back, they have starting pitching, Coop and Andy are starting to hit...they need to go and win this series.
  20. Flippin the script. Papers all over the floor. Eat Degroms face.
  21. McNeil and Conforto out with injuries today. Jazz back. Let's go on a run and flip the script.
  22. We got em right where we want em...
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