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  1. I actually do agree...this offense will be decent when Marte, Jazz, and maybe even Alf...depending on how he looks... I just think the hole is going to be too deep to do better then .500 for the rest of the season.
  2. Exactly. And if memory serves me you were also saying this in the offseason. I said this then and I will say it now...why anyone would be satisfied with this team "showing some growth" but not making playoffs is mindboggling.
  3. Hah! Dude. This guy. I fricken love it.
  4. Ugh. I'm rooting for Brinson.
  5. This lineup is so much better with BA back...and actually looking like a threat. Let's hope it continues. Imagine Jazz and Marte were playing, too...😳 This lineup really looks way better than I thought it would be...and it's not great but it's just the injuries and consistency that is killing them.
  6. The coverage of the MILB on this site is awesome every year...but it really looks like it is going to be above and beyond this year with the better Minor league coverage in general - look at those cameras! Really pumped. Thanks @MrAndMrsFish
  7. If Brinson starts putting it together...that would be something really fun to root for this year. I want it just to watch Aguilar, Jazz, and Lew goof around in the dugout. Also, watching Isan toss that ball away really shows how much one takes for granted how good this Def. typically is. Keeping winning...winning heals all.
  8. You say "just a pitch from getting out of this" and I say slowly boiling himself alive...
  9. A whole game scratching and clawing and...poof...Yikesmi. If they are not competing this year ... this is going to happen. Let's see if they can even it up tomorrow.
  10. I liked your threads. You'll be back at it before you know it! ...😔
  11. I agree that the Marlins have not had calls go their way... but he never touched the bag. Over an done with. All that needs to happen now is Aguilar needs to hit another bomb and save the day...
  12. I know we are in a pitching duel with a 37 year old Lester and the Nationals BP... But...Let's talk brass tax. What the hell is my fantasy hockey team dooooing right now. Get it together boys.
  13. SO many challenges went the Marlins way last year...and this year it is the complete opposite. He never touched.
  14. Now I have a machine gun...
  15. Maybe we get an offensive explosion game today...feels like a Sunday sort of game.
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