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  1. I liked your threads. You'll be back at it before you know it! ...😔
  2. I agree that the Marlins have not had calls go their way... but he never touched the bag. Over an done with. All that needs to happen now is Aguilar needs to hit another bomb and save the day...
  3. I know we are in a pitching duel with a 37 year old Lester and the Nationals BP... But...Let's talk brass tax. What the hell is my fantasy hockey team dooooing right now. Get it together boys.
  4. SO many challenges went the Marlins way last year...and this year it is the complete opposite. He never touched.
  5. Now I have a machine gun...
  6. Maybe we get an offensive explosion game today...feels like a Sunday sort of game.
  7. Are we allowed to shit on the team and the front office right now?
  8. They aren't going to do that. They will wait for Bleday and minor league reinforcements. Everyone is injured and they were a weak offense before the injuries...not really much more to say.
  9. Leon with some serviceable highlights.
  10. Brinson is uncomfortable to watch. He doesn't even bother me...listening to the radio broadcast talk about what he needs to do to earn this opportunity and then heavy sigh as he rolls into tailormade DP...then the very next at bat he is just...uncomfortable.
  11. Soooo....this? Gotta make the team super confident when the manager has already given up. "Pack it in...try again tomorrow..."
  12. Whoa whoa whoa...he finally got a hit...and it was really nice. I really felt for him... But he needs to really keep this going...he has not been good. That is reality. ...Last night's clutch hit makes me at least think it is possible.
  13. Ted: So you’re moving down to Miami? Pat Healy: I accepted a job offer. Ted: With who? Pat Healy: With… uh… Rice-a-Roni. Ted: Isn’t that the San Francisco treat? Pat Healy: It *was*. They’re changing their image. C'mom... sparkplugs...let's sweep these roller pigs.
  14. I want a Marlins and Mets dog fight at the end of the season. Benches clearing...BA mad dogging the dugout...Jazz show boating...Aguilar bat flipping.
  15. Remember that whole screen saver debacle...I'm still laughing...that was so weird.
  16. .500 on a the first walk off of the year from Alf. Great game.
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