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  1. Everything is a production with this Braves team...home runs have orchestrated trots...a hbp is targeting...am I mistaken or do they turn the lights off between random innings, too?
  2. I blame the booth for touting those bullpen stats.
  3. Ha! I didn't even catch myself do that. shame...shame...shame...
  4. Rodgers looks completely at ease.
  5. I want this team to do this all the time...is that so wrong? Dodgers do it...Yankees have done it... ...Now the Marlins can do it...with a nice a uniform.
  6. Don't worry. If we lose it will be because our bullpen is a leaky raft.
  7. I am shocked...but also...not at all.
  8. Dude. HE will die on that base.
  9. Looked like the same K that got Ozuna
  10. He played that ball off the Duv-Wall...
  11. I'm greedy. I want the whole damn thing. Gimme 4.
  12. This was great. Just great. B.A. waking up was great to see. If Duvall hits his former team all season his signing is completely worth it. Alf...oof. It's your catchers, Marty! Something has to be done about your catchers!
  13. Go get Lucroy. Then we can make Uncle Luke jokes. Doo Doo Brown... It's your birthday...this is PR magic.
  14. He didn't have alot to say about the integrity of the game on Thursday...it was probably too miserable of a feeling for him to even tweet about it. Poor guy.
  15. It is almost a relief to see that it is widespread. This really can't happen...wins have to be transparent, obvious, and absolute.
  16. At this point I really might trust Mags and his "plus" over Brinson.
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