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  1. I can't wait till they score three runs and we score two the following inning...that's my favorite part of watching this team.
  2. Prediction: we will scrape out a win or lose pathetically.
  3. The front office knew they had a pass this year...for no reason (in my opinion)...and they used it. The fan base signed off on it with defensiveness and even smiles about how finishing NEAR .500 would be a victory. They will make their money and even though they raised profits...it will not translate to us, the fan, at least not until next year. This is what that looks like. Losing heart-breakers and series. Imploding. Waiting around for a chance or some luck. This year will be forgotten because they will be better next year. And they WILL be better even if they actively do nothing to make the team better ...they will be better just by getting rid of some players...letting others get older and more experienced. They will get a high pick and we can all be impressed with Jazz and a wasted year of this rotation...just a shame this was allowed to happen...but what can the fan base actually do...the team is set up to be better in the future so I guess it is hard to complain. Also...only 5 games in to the season. But...who do you have more faith will learn how to win consistently all year ...us or the Braves? BOTH?
  4. Rotation is fine. But you fully within your rights to panic.
  5. The holes are exactly where you expect every time...it is so frustrating to see them pitch around the Marlins.
  6. Bizarre. He wasn't able to get out of the way...so he leaned in. Total accident...just weird.
  7. At least we avoided the Duvall-play ball.
  8. I'm in Nj and it worked fine for me. That's really crappy. Sorry. I am in a spot where I get blackouts from NY and Philadelphia. Meanwhile, I have no access to Philly games.
  9. Relieved. Gotta figure out that bullpen. Jazz is fricken great.
  10. Once they build a routine and do things we can expect I think this will feel better. It's like a good inside joke.
  11. Yes. I haven't see an offensive stat higher than 17 in any league ranking. People want to say Kintzler was lucky last year...well what about this offense? The fish were in the top ten in babip...and ranked near the bottom in the bottom half in obp, avg, slug, and pretty much every measurable offensive stat. These last two games are only two games...but they exposed the two GLARING problems that weren't really addressed this offseason...a leaky bullpen and anemic offense.
  12. It just looked like the batters figured him out pretty quickly and he text book unraveled...it felt like one could call the shots. We should see if the Rays would be willing to lend us some players...
  13. 10-15 ranked offense!? Respectfully...is this based on anything?
  14. This lifeless boring team.
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