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  1. Oof. This offense. Maybe the Mets will trade Lindor?
  2. It will work out because the Marlins didn't do it... It will fail because the Mets did it.
  3. I never do these...but...mmm'kay.... 1. MVP - The Sandman 2. BREAKOUT MARLIN - Jazz 3. BEST UTILITY - Jon Berti 4. UNSUNG HERO - Miggy 5. FIELDERS CHOICE - B.A. 6. YOURE BUSTED - Brinson...He's going to bust all over the field...and he's going to be really salty about it. TEAM PREDICTIONS, 1. W/L RECORD - 82 - 80 2. REPEAT MAKING POSTSEASON - Ugh...no. 3. BUYERS OR SELLERS - Both
  4. Dude. Minus the name...this seems like a win a for everyone involved... But really...just a terrible name for a company..."Mortgage company llc"
  5. Apparently this company is making bank on the house market...name recognition will probably help them pick up some of that sweet refinance dough... I'm sticking with Mr. Cooper...in fact I wish Mr. Cooper bought in..."Mr. Cooper Park"
  6. "The Depot" sounds good if it catches on... But the Marlins can't have nice things so I expect alot of "guess this cheap team needed a loan"...
  7. Do you think this extra conditioning in 2018 will help his 2021 season? I'm so sick of these mediocre players. I want to see Harold have a better year than Brinson... Sorry. His dumb face made me cranky and it is Friday...so I am reverting to a 10 year old.
  8. That article doesn't mention the Marlins.
  9. Wow. That changes the opening of the season wildly.
  10. I am also pretty glad to be out from under Stanton...and yea we couldn't be here without the willingness to accept bad trades...so it is hard take one without the other... Ultimately though...I nothing has been achieved yet...especially if they don't make the playoff this year...then in my mind it undoes last year. I want a winning team...everything else is just good PR especially when haven't won something yet. And last year brings me enough patience to get me to this year. Let's see this farm and front office bring that home and I will be satisfied... I think people (like myself) bring up Yelich because it is somehow sacrilege to complain about a player that is traded to the team...and its also sacrilege to complain about the move that sends them away (Further...yes...Harold signed here as a minor leaguer...but it was trading away the team...that made him a viable option for an everyday player). I think when someone like Harold gets traded or is cut... it is frustrating because we just spent the last couple of years being told to be patient with him and/or players like him...and then "he is only 25"...starts to sound a lot like "you can't judge the return yet" and "they are growing the farm" and really it is all just PR. Then also...Now suddenly...the conversation shifts to "it is fine we cut him he didn't pane out" or "lets watch everyone pretend he is great"...again feels like more PR. I guess it is a symptom of the sports fandom virus. And it is especially prevalent in the Marlins fan community because most of the people with the virus have long ago died and the ones that are here have been barely surviving with this disease and its most painful side effects. So I think the Marlins made some typical Marlins moves this year...and instead of going YOLO they told us to have 💎👐 and instead spent a little on getting everyone to be patient. I think we are all doing more than the front office has done for us...I am spending money and being patient. That being said...a farm only helps if it helps me compete to get into the playoffs...the playoffs are only great if we continue to play in them...and my teams job is to get me that GG.
  11. Is there a trade you are particularly pleased with right now? (no catch - I am just curious)
  12. Ha! Yea. That Red Sox record is absurd. According to this we finish behind The Reds, The Cubs, The D-Backs, and The Giants...which I have a hard time seeing. I even think the Nats are about to fall off... I think the coin flip teams are the Phils and Brewers...meaning I don't have a gut feeling what we will see either way. That being said...every other team is better than the fish on paper...so...unless a lot breaks right...let's start practicing our generic baseball victimization commentary: "These are the sorts of games playoff teams win" "Great weekend taking 2 out 3...Now for the upcoming week...hopefully they end the road trip with at least a .500 record" And my favorite..."great win...If they can go a run here they will be right back in it"
  13. Baseball just needs to start - I am done with this off season.
  14. Check out the wording...If these workers are being furloughed wouldn't they be getting benefits while not exactly getting paid? Benefits don't mean they are collecting a salary... although they likely applied for unemployment... I am not blaming anyone, just saying this IS a reality for many American workers. And while I think Samson is a weasel I also don't think everyone should be running to defend the Marlins...the removal of this GoFundMe probably has more to do with management being annoyed that they look bad...and not because these people have enough to pay their bills. I guess good on them for keeping them covered by health insurance...i guess I would be interested in a clearer explanation...but I doubt we will get the full story.
  15. It sounds like we are all very happy they made a move to improve the team.
  16. Dude. He def. made that comment to undo his own unfounded reasoning for why the Marlins wouldn't make a move. He couldn't just say, "Marlins moving on Duvall"?
  17. I would be ecstatic if Jazz and Monte became contributing every day starters.
  18. I don't believe anyone feels that Yams was the last straw...im 2 for 2 for the failed sarcasm this week. I think most people thought it was a risk to trade Yelich, who was universally liked on this forum and praised for his talent by teams throughout mlb. And it is hard to pick a moment...but id say the fan base then started holding their collective breath when Brinson started batting .199...which bled fear into the other trades...
  19. I like Pat Burrell...but he was pretty one dimensional by the end. If Monte grew his similar prolific power I would be happy. I laughed because I assumed you were suggesting that Monte doesn't fit the Burrell mold exactly...and thought you were highlighting the biggest difference in Monte's skill set - speed. Therefore, the joke..."I would be happy if he were Pat Burrell...but with speed and defense [the skills that make Monte Harrison talented]" is funny... ...but it doesn't seem as funny now that I feel like I have to defensively prove I belong. I swear I watch baseball... Now I have a question for YOU...what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  20. Oh I was being sarcastic... it was a terrible idea...unless the goal of trading is to clear room in another teams pantry. ...Would love if Monte even turns into a Pat Burrell type. Not holding my breath though.
  21. Man if Isan Diaz doesn't become a perennial All-star...We might all need to start thinking about admitting it was a bad idea to trade Yelich...
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