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  1. This is kind of silly to say. The Phillies traded us Sixto Sanchez for Realmuto. Why? Because they wanted Realmuto. The Athletics are a desperate team trying to make one last push and needed an OF. So, they traded us a top prospect for Marte. This type of thing happens all the time, so you can literally make your argument about any trade. Sample size matters. Luzardo has struggled over the course of 14 starts across AAA and the bigs this year. Do you know how many successful pitchers have had those types of struggles? Again, I'm not saying there is no risk here. I'm just saying that if you can get this type of return for two months of nothing more than a solid player in Marte, you do it 10 out of 10 times.
  2. I could be wrong here, but I don't think he ever publicly requested a trade. Jeter came in and basically said "we're trading you" and then attempted to trade him to the two clubs that Stanton specifically asked not to be traded to (I wanna say it was Boston and either San Francisco or St. Louis?), so I don't blame him for being upset with the way things were handled. Stanton could have begged to stay, and we still wouldn't have kept him. He just wasn't part of Jeter's plans. Stanton was great here and single-handedly kept us in the playoff hunt in 2017, and I actually don't think we will ever see someone do what he did for that stretch again in our lifetimes. He was 2001 Barry Bonds level from July through the end of the season, and without the help of PEDs. He was always a stand-up guy and I'll forever be grateful for what he did here. He isn't quite Miggy, but he certainly means a lot to this organization.
  3. He already came back to Miami in 2018 and got a huge ovation. I'm sure he'll get another one.
  4. It's the Mets. Story will go over there and turn into Adeiny Hechavarria.
  5. Pie sucks. Go ahead. Let me have it.
  6. He's thrown all of 109 innings on the big-league level and has only thrown 38 this season. He also showed some promise in 2020. It's not like he has "mightily struggled" over the course of three full seasons, so we should probably relax with that. As for Marte? He is nothing more than a solid player who is set to be free agent and turns 33 in October. He isn't Miguel Cabrera. He isn't Giancarlo Stanton. He isn't even Marcell Ozuna (well, prior to Ozuna's disastrous 2021, anyway). He is replaceable. We didn't trade off a superstar here. We traded a solid player who we weren't going to re-sign for a young pitcher with some serious upside. If you're going to take a risk, that's where you take it. I'm actually shocked we were even able to get Luzardo for Marte.
  7. You're right, but in fairness, this was probably the most we could ask in exchange for a mediocre 31-year-old rental reliever.
  8. Really happy with this deal. I would certainly prefer Luzardo than giving a soon-to-be-33-year-old Marte a lucrative three or four-year deal only to watch him decline two years into it. This also gives us even more flexibility in terms of having cost-controlled assets (particularly arms) to move for a potential bat. Well done, FO.
  9. I mean he's 23 with electric stuff and only threw 39 innings last year (and was, for the most part, really solid). Isn't it a little too early to say we don't trust him? As for all of the "trade Pablo" talk, do you people realize how rare it is to have this type of starting pitching? All we need is a semi-competent offense and we'll be in legitimate contention for years to come. People said his value had never been higher last year either, and look what happened: it has only increased. Maybe the dude is just really freaking good and we shouldn't trade him for a prospect? Only way I'm even considering moving Pablo is if we get a proven major-league bat in return. Otherwise, hell no.
  10. I would want someone who is already established in the bigs, to be honest. Not really into trading Pablo for a prospect regardless of how good of a prospect it is.
  11. Trading from an area of surplus is certainly always the best way to do it, but it would have to take a pretty special bat in return for me to consider moving Pablo.
  12. Sandy/Rogers/Pablo/Sixto Mercy.
  13. Lmao. He'll be 33 years old in October and has a lifetime .793 OPS. I would hardly blame the Marlins for not wanting to go four years on him. The idea that Marte is this guy that we absolutely cannot lose is funny to me. He's not Miguel Cabrera. Yeah I want to keep him, but only at a reasonable cost. Like, if you didn't walk away when the Marlins traded Stanton and Yelich but will walk away if they let Starling Marte go? Then that's really, really silly.
  14. See, if they walked away from 3/50, I would completely understand. That's almost $17 million annually over three seasons, which I actually think is a lot for Marte. If he were 29 or 30, I would be okay with it, but he'll be 33 by the start of next season and has really been nothing more than just a solid player throughout his career. I would probably be okay with a two-year deal at that price, but not anything more. I'm not a fan of taking a long-term risk on him.
  15. Possibly, but you know for sure there will be some people who will flip if he wants something like 4/60 and the Marlins say no.
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