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  1. Not to mention the fact that people do say "he's a great role model for boys and young men" when talking about male athletes/celebrities, so King is just reaching. The media wants so much to turn this into something different and it's painful to watch. As someone who worked in the media for a decade and saw all of the shady politics of it behind the scenes, I can tell you that they can give two craps about "equality"; by and large, their entire shtick is about breaking a story and stirring controversy. You watch: the second Ng makes a good move, the media will turn it into "Female GM
  2. To be fair, we didn't suddenly become the Yankees just because Jeter took over. This franchise is always going to have to be cost-effective. It's just the way it is, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Look what the Rays have been able to do with an incredibly limited payroll. So long as the FO makes wise, shrewd decisions and is willing to spend SOME money to get better/stay competitive, I'm fine with it. Look what we were able to do this year with pennies. Would it be nice to have a New York payroll? Of course, but that's just not how things work for the Marlins.
  3. Dude was legitimately a very good hitter for three seasons and then fell off a cliff. Not sure what happened to him. I liked him a lot.
  4. Let them have their fun for now. We'll be ruling the NL East soon enough.
  5. He slashed .277/.352/.457 this year. He was solid. I'd take him back at the right price.
  6. I mean when healthy, he is still an absolute monster and he is making that pretty clear right now. Now obviously, he hasn't been healthy the past two seasons, but I would definitely like a healthy Stanton in our lineup right now, contract or no contract. Also, if he can get the Yankees a World Series title this year, that contract will look considerably less woeful in New York (see: A-Rod).
  7. Stanton with two more so far tonight. I miss him.
  8. That 2003 Giants team was probably better than this Braves team, to be honest.
  9. We lost Game 1 of the 2003 NLDS against the Giants, too. Let's hope history repeats itself. We'll get Game 2, boys.
  10. This is definitely not surprising. Freaking Cubs.
  11. Grand slam for Stanton tonight. He has now homered in each of the first three playoff games. Really happy to see Big G doing well.
  12. We are finally being taken seriously for the first time in 15 years (maybe more depending on who you ask), and it looks like we are here to stay. It's a new era, fellas.
  13. I just don't like the uneven number of seven teams in each league. The bye could actually hurt the 1 seed. Would they really want their pitchers getting that much rest?
  14. Just keep it at 16 and call it a damn day. So glad they expanded the postseason. Seeing half the league basically done by June every year was the most asinine thing ever.
  15. He probably would have been one of the best catchers in baseball had it not been for all of his concussions. He was also pretty damn good in his brief time here. It's a shame his career had to end this way.
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