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  1. I'll be honest: I'm surprised they even have the Marlins at 75 wins. I'm used to everyone saying we're a 65-70 win team.
  2. Imagine completely discounting a 24-year-old hitter based on 223 big-league plate appearances.
  3. The Thai curry wing sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings. Also, the fact that no one has mentioned Buffalo sauce in general yet concerns me.
  4. Like the people who were devastated when we traded Jordan Yamamoto? Lol. And in all seriousness, I actually would have been perfectly cool with bringing Ozuna back, but on something like a two-year deal. There was no way I would have wanted the Marlins to give a four-year contract to a 30-year-old wildly inconsistent hitter who is rapidly declining in the field. Perhaps the DH will become a thing in the NL at some point during his contract, but if it doesn't, I do not like Ozuna on a four-year deal in the long run. Heck, even if the MLB does institute a league-wide DH, I'm still not
  5. He was outstanding in AAA in 2019 (.305/.395/.578 with 26 homers), so this type of production is not completely out of the realm of possibility. I'd honestly be thrilled if he hit somewhere between 15-20 homers provided that his slash line were good enough overall.
  6. First mediocre Marlins player to get traded midseason and suddenly be dubbed the second coming of Babe Ruth
  7. Ozuna has one of the strangest career trajectories I have ever seen.
  8. Over $40 million a year those first two seasons for a guy who has only had two sub-4.00 ERA seasons throughout his entire nine-year career, one of which was a shortened campaign in which Bauer made 11 starts. Knock yourselves out, LA.
  9. But we lost Jordan Yamamoto, who is apparently Pedro Martinez now.
  10. We have also gotten some pretty damn good returns (e.g. the Realmuto trade was fantastic). Like @SilverBullet said: the Yelich trade was pretty universally praised at the time, and not a single soul here expected Yelich to suddenly post a 1.000 OPS the following year (and I am someone who has always seen big-time potential in Yelich). I guarantee not a single soul in the Brewers organization did, either. Yelich not only stagnated at the plate in his final season here, but he also declined rather significantly in the field, going from a Gold Glove-caliber outfielder to an average defe
  11. I hope he is happy and healthy, but I don't hope anyone becomes a decent contributor for the Mets lol. Screw the Mets.
  12. I don't know. A .200 difference in OPS is very, very significant. I'm not saying he is going to suddenly become a bum at the plate, but I certainly don't think he'll be posting .900+ OPSes anymore.
  13. Arenado's career splits at and away from Coors: Home: .322/.376/.609 Away: .263/.322/.471 He is a fantastic third baseman, but but to say that I am a bit worried about how his offense will look in St. Louis is putting it lightly.
  14. Dude was ridiculously underrated his entire MLB career. Great guy, too. Happy he's going home.
  15. That's pretty funny considering that the Giants are the only one of those four big-market teams you mentioned that have made any notable signings this offseason, and that's if you even count Kevin Gausman and Anthony DeSclafani as "notable." Even funnier is the fact that the Giants have stunk for the last six years. Heck, we have been more active than the Yankees, who haven't won a World Series in over a decade. Also, the Nationals, Astros and Royals have all won championships since 2015. I think it's safe to say that none of those clubs are "big-market" teams. What's more, the
  16. @Michael Aguilar's range isn't even that bad. Last three seasons at first base: 2018: 0.8 UZR/1.1 UZR/150 2019: 0.4 UZR/0.1 UZR/150 2020: 0.2 UZR/0.7 UZR/150 While no one is going to confuse him for Don Mattingly, he is definitely not a liability over there. About league average.
  17. Some people are making such a big deal out of this and I don't get it. He's had one solid full season in 2019. Otherwise, he has been a mediocre reliever. Lifetime 4.44 ERA, 3.65 FIP and 1.304 WHIP. Yeah he strikes guys out, but that's about it. What am I missing here?
  18. That deal is a bargain for a guy who slashed .277/.352/.457 this year and has a lifetime .806 OPS. He's also not terrible defensively and never has been.
  19. Not to mention the fact that people do say "he's a great role model for boys and young men" when talking about male athletes/celebrities, so King is just reaching. The media wants so much to turn this into something different and it's painful to watch. As someone who worked in the media for a decade and saw all of the shady politics of it behind the scenes, I can tell you that they can give two craps about "equality"; by and large, their entire shtick is about breaking a story and stirring controversy. You watch: the second Ng makes a good move, the media will turn it into "Female GM
  20. To be fair, we didn't suddenly become the Yankees just because Jeter took over. This franchise is always going to have to be cost-effective. It's just the way it is, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Look what the Rays have been able to do with an incredibly limited payroll. So long as the FO makes wise, shrewd decisions and is willing to spend SOME money to get better/stay competitive, I'm fine with it. Look what we were able to do this year with pennies. Would it be nice to have a New York payroll? Of course, but that's just not how things work for the Marlins.
  21. Dude was legitimately a very good hitter for three seasons and then fell off a cliff. Not sure what happened to him. I liked him a lot.
  22. Let them have their fun for now. We'll be ruling the NL East soon enough.
  23. He slashed .277/.352/.457 this year. He was solid. I'd take him back at the right price.
  24. I mean when healthy, he is still an absolute monster and he is making that pretty clear right now. Now obviously, he hasn't been healthy the past two seasons, but I would definitely like a healthy Stanton in our lineup right now, contract or no contract. Also, if he can get the Yankees a World Series title this year, that contract will look considerably less woeful in New York (see: A-Rod).
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