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  1. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/10/marlins-outrights-marrero-alvarez-guilmet-bellati.html "The Fish now have 36 players on the 40-man roster, but with seven players on the 60-day injured list, they’ll still need to clear three more spots to reinstate all of their injured players between now and the conclusion of the postseason." It's really weird …
  2. Maybe he means "several players " and not "seven players "…
  3. But I see EIGHT players on the 60-day IL now, which number is correct ?
  4. They're just cursed for doing this.
  5. taiwanmarlin

    New CBA

    After the impact of the shortened 2020 season, I believe MLB and MLBPA just not stupid enough to have a lockout in the 2022 and they better not try to test the patience and loyalty of the baseball fans.
  6. Extending Miggy would only benefits the negotiations with Sandy.
  7. “Perhaps Miami would be willing to take on Rogers and give Alex Jackson a chance to prove himself until Rogers is healthy.”, this writer is really a joke, LMAO.
  8. Ng, when would you extend Sandy !?
  9. The number of the next season would be “ZERO ”.
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