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  1. How about call it "Kevin Mather Rule " now ?
  2. Just hope Miggy Ro would be a Marlins for his remaining career, just can't imagine him wearing the jerseys of other teams.
  3. From the beginning it's just something good or bad and not something would get done or not.
  4. He's really wants to be the Jeter of the Marlins.
  5. Cooper : Wait for me and don't trade me !!!
  6. Of course I know he comes back to Cardinals, I wish we sign him to mentor Alfaro when he's available but now I think Leon should be able to play that role.
  7. I hope we sign Molina to mentor Alfaro, I believe Leon can play that role, too.
  8. Also heard last season some pitchers don't like to pitch to Alfaro, I just not sure it's true or not.
  9. I didn't read this article, but Marlins just fit what he said.
  10. One week and starting the ST games, where's the new TV deal !? just unbelievable, time to PANIC …
  11. Why not give him one more chance ? Ng has high confidence he would bounce back …
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