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  1. Everybody here have Hoyt jerseys ? Is it free for all the members ? why I have no one ?
  2. All teams damaged by the pandemic, expect many players lost their job.
  3. Yeah and don't need to put him in the active roster or send him back to the former team.
  4. A trade that we give the money and not the player, I would rather call it a FA signing.
  5. @SilverBullet, you're a fake fan, it's the first MOVE.
  6. No, just keep it and hope he would return someday.
  7. It's the new record of notifications added in one night for me.
  8. Just hope I could have a hibernation like the bear and set the alarm clock at the 2021 opening day …
  9. With the winter meeting held remotely and virtual, I really doubt the actual affect of it.
  10. I know we always making moves late in the off-season, but it's really rare to have almost zero rumor in this point of the off-season, but maybe it's not something bad because this team seems always making moves without leak out a secret.
  11. Wouldn't blame you because all of them did nothing good in the Marlins uniform.
  12. In a 162 game season, only the really good team would overcome all the hurdles in a long season to make it to the playoffs and the 2020 Marlins just not a team like that.
  13. We got the first WS title in the 1997 because of "lots of FA signings", we got the second WS title in the 2003 because of "the development of young players ", what it means ? it means you would be success with various ways. I always think the fans of this team were self-limit in the ways to improve the team due to the bad memory of Loria era. Who knows would this team won their third WS title in the period of 2004~2017 if half of the trades and FA signings worked ? we shouldn't afraid of making moves just because of the failure of the past .
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