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  1. This team can't make big signing but they can make big trading, it's just up to their determination.
  2. It's why we need to do our best to acquire Contreras, he's arguably the best catcher after JT and would only cost approximate a quarter of what JT would cost in the next season. If the Phillies really sign back JT then acquire Contreras would just be a CORRESPONDING MOVE to it.
  3. Yeah but you would like to have your players in time to report to the ST and have a whole ST to prepare for the season, although the players that traded to the team in the period of ST have take part in the ST of their original team but you still hope they have the most time to assimilate into the team.
  4. One month left to the off-season …
  5. If every reliever can close the game then nobody needs to spend big on proven closer.
  6. It's really make no sense, never to sign a closer again because Heath Bell sucks, never to sign a SP again because Chen sucks, never to sign a …c'mon it's the worst reason.
  7. I just not agree with it, when this team loses some games due to the blown save you would think it's just worth it. This lineup won't produce lots of runs so a really good closer is really needed. If you give a closer $10MM a year and he gives you 45 save then why it's not worth it ?
  8. It's really sad, we need a closer but it seems this team just doesn't think so…
  9. Doesn't matter, Marlins never be a suitor …
  10. We just have no idea this team in on him or not.
  11. I believe with the same offer, he would choose a much better franchise in Marlins.
  12. I think this team either spend big on a proven veteran closer or doing nothing to add to the pen.
  13. They need to spend that money on the Contreras …
  14. I could say this team just don't want to spend but I'm just tired of doing it …
  15. International signing starts tomorrow !!!
  16. It would be great to acquire Contreras but at the same time you have to forfeit some top prospects, it would be a big test of Ng.
  17. I know something related to the pandemic like the start time of ST and the length of the regular season got the uncertainty, but what's the reason to drag on the decision to the universal DH !?
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