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  1. Wouldn't blame you because all of them did nothing good in the Marlins uniform.
  2. In a 162 game season, only the really good team would overcome all the hurdles in a long season to make it to the playoffs and the 2020 Marlins just not a team like that.
  3. We got the first WS title in the 1997 because of "lots of FA signings", we got the second WS title in the 2003 because of "the development of young players ", what it means ? it means you would be success with various ways. I always think the fans of this team were self-limit in the ways to improve the team due to the bad memory of Loria era. Who knows would this team won their third WS title in the period of 2004~2017 if half of the trades and FA signings worked ? we shouldn't afraid of making moves just because of the failure of the past .
  4. Hope it's not means do nothing in the off-season, everybody knows this team made it to the playoffs due to the 60 game season, so if they didn't upgrade the roster significantly then the next 162 game season would become just another LOSING SEASON.
  5. But you should have interest in his HOT agent.
  6. The stove is really hot in the Atlanta, and they're spending the stupid money really quickly, right ?
  7. Marlins acquire Blake Snell Rays acquire Marlins Park
  8. What to do in a boring off-season, I'm not a football fan …
  9. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/11/nl-east-notes-kingston-phillies-marlins-kintzler-degrom.html "As of Wednesday, the Marlins hadn’t made Brandon Kintzler a new contract offer, The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reports. The Marlins declined their 2021 club option on Kintzler (worth $4MM) last month and had expressed interest in bringing him back, though no progress has yet been made on that front. Kintzler posted a 2.22 ERA over 24 1/3 innings in his first season in Miami, with the caveat that advanced metrics and ERA predictors were much less impressed with the groundball specialist
  10. It's just what I think, catcher is not pitcher, infielder or outfielder, a catcher would affect the performance of all the pitchers, the Marlins not a super good team and can't afford to lose games due to the bad performance behind the plate, this off-season is a great opportunity to upgrade it.
  11. Hate the Mutts have so many money to spend.
  12. I have confidence this isn't the biggest acquisition of this off-season.
  13. And 80% of them knowing the Miami Marlins for the first time …
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