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  1. I believe he would force Hill to call up all the prospects and spending no money to add veterans.
  2. We're so lucky to keep the half of the old lineup !!!
  3. Great, they signing two pitchers in one deal !!!
  4. It's really sad, did this situation be the "WHY NOT US" !?
  5. Win win, but safe is the first.
  6. Sean Rodriguez never played in the position of catcher in his MLB career …
  7. What would happen if this team played as bad as last season and only win "57" games !?
  8. I believe it's the first opening day win in the last decade and the pleasure of the winning games was really BACK !!!
  9. You know what, I'm not surprised at all that Conley blow this game.
  10. In a season with only 60 games, you just couldn't lost a game that leading 7 runs.
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