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  1. I said to sign him to platoon Bour when the Indians released him,but seems nobody like this idea at that time,and he was like Jackson need only the minimum salary.
  2. not bad as a backup OF and Cole not a sure thing in 2016.
  3. waiting for something magically to happen day by day was the only thing we fans can do right now.
  4. maybe the NTC be the reason he signed here,but it is ridiculous that he doesn't want to be traded to a contender if we failed to contend in the July,maybe he just hated to move house in the middle of the season,who knows???
  5. Stupid enough,not for Mattingly,for all the FANS !!!
  6. I think "want to be as competitive as possible" means "spending as much as possibl".
  7. obviously they treat Jackson like Greinke.
  8. because late move was better than no move.
  9. STILL KEEP ADDING,OH MY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE 2016
  11. because nooooooooooooooo......................
  12. http://www.sportsmedia101.com/newyorkyankees/2016/01/08/new-york-yankees-sign-miami-marlins-donovan-solano-to-minor-league-deal/ the best move of this off-season.
  13. Loria finally got a perfect reason to sell this team.
  14. I am not against take back Dyson.
  15. with a rotation like that,2016 was 100% a REBUILDING SEASON,even ANDINO knows it !!!
  16. why traded away Ozuna !? why don't just spent some DAMN MONEY !? FUCK YOU LORIA,CHEAP ASSHOLE !!!
  17. doesn't this slogan already been used from 1993 to 2015???
  18. I would continue to support Marlins only no matter what they do in the off-season,because it is really difficult to support a team that without the FEELING.
  19. still can to the "ZERO".
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