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  1. Didn't the new TV deal a sure thing after the old one expired after the 2020 season ? without the new TV deal then how to broadcast the Marlins games !?
  2. All teams seems just to decline the team options to decline the team options and not care the performance of the players, I believe the MLB and the MLBPA would notice it.
  3. It seems just be something that all teams have a tacit understanding. I decline my team options and you decline your team options, I don't touch your players and you don't touch my players then we all sign back our players in lower value contracts …
  4. I think it's just something predictable, the pandemic affect every industry in the world and the MLB is not immune. Teams want to win but also want to reduce the financial loss, the team options declined would be the first step and it's foreseeable the FA market would be much cooler and many big name FAs would rather to take one year deal because of the uncertainty of the 2021 season ( have the season or not ? have 162 games or not ? have the fans in the stands or not ?).
  5. Would MLBPA do something about it ? it seems teams around the MLB were just unite to slash the salary of the players.
  6. It just remind me of this…
  7. Just bring back Hand and give me O'Day.
  8. It just didn't make sense to have this kind of payroll in the 2019 and 2020, but even it makes lots of sense to have a $100 million payroll in the 2021 I would only believe in it after it's confirmed by other sources.
  9. It wouldn't surprise me if they bring him back with a minor league deal.
  10. Then we need to sign Molina to mentor him …
  11. If it's for real then it means JT would be their top priority.
  12. Dodgers win, hot stove is burning !!!
  13. Ok, let's just sign them all.
  14. It's really surprised that Hoyt not yet arbitration eligibled ( he looked really like a long time veteran and maybe that's because he's 34 years old already ), so I believe it's a no-brainer to keep him for this team.
  15. Try to work out a new multi-year deal or a new one year deal with lower value ?
  16. I just googled "Marlins trade Pirates coach " and got it …yeah, Loria really traded for a COACH.
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