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  1. I just googled "Marlins trade Pirates coach " and got it …yeah, Loria really traded for a COACH.
  2. Hernandez is really better than Sanchez "NOW ".
  3. If you don't believe in Alfaro then replace him with the best one you could acquire. If you still believe in Alfaro then give him the best mentor.
  4. Replace Alfaro with Realmuto or McCann ? Molina mentor Alfaro ?
  5. It's rare to see the Taiwan media to report a front office move of MLB team but they report the part ways of Marlins and Hill with this picture …not surprise, it's in Taiwan.
  6. I'm thinking of one MLB movie that the female owner of one MLB team wants her team to loss. I think it's this,
  7. As a fan, we would never know what happened behind the scenes, we just don't know who have the final say to the decisions in the past three years, but as a fan, we just hope the team would keep making the good and smart decisions no matter who has the final say to it.
  8. It's really weird, this regime retain Hill when we want them to fire him, they part way with him when we want this team to retain him …
  9. Slogan of this off-season : Anything is possible.
  10. Carson Kelly really that good ? his stats is really bad …
  11. What I mean was they should at least try to acquire James.
  12. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/10/latest-on-the-catching-market-realmuto-sanchez.html "When the automated strike zone comes maybe you can have a DH catch because framing will mean nothing or maybe if we give the catcher an earpiece and can feed him every pitch, game calling will mean nothing. But we are asking catchers to make 150 decisions a game and have deep relationships with every pitcher and more than ever you cannot throw the defensive component away.” Not sure the electronic strike zones would applied to MLB or not and when, but I believe it would affect the duties and v
  13. https://www.mlb.com/marlins/news/marlins-2021-catcher-options " I just don’t see Miami making a free-agent play for Realmuto or even James McCann, who is expected to have a big market." If that's really the case, I would be very unhappy !!!
  14. Poor Dodgers fans, welcome to the 305. It's possible the Fish would win the WS in advance of the Dodgers …
  15. Oh, JT requests a trade again after we sign back him …
  16. If we shouldn't go all in for JT, then we should go all in for McCann.
  17. If this team lose their mind and go all in for the next season then I would be very happy, sometimes you just need some impulse and irrationality to success.
  18. Think in reverse, if the Braves beat the Dodgers then it means we're not that bad to lose to them.
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